Getting Last-Minute Deals on Luxury Hotels



Finding an upscale hotels in eleventh hour can be a daunting process. Numerous applications and websites have been developed so as to assist people in their search endeavors.  There are major applications that have been developed to aid in snagging last-minute hotel deals. The apps comprise of HotelTonight(Android, iOS), Tonight (iOS), Blink (iOS), Hotel Deals by (iOS), Hot Hotels (Android, iOS), and Stayful(Android, iOS). Basically, using the applications, hotel websites and other tools will help you to get a hotel room, although without the knowledge or tactics to do so, you may get a deal that you will not appreciate. Nevertheless, here are some tactics that will help you to achieve the best tactics for nabbing high-end hotel rooms at a down to earth price.


Looking out for fees and taxes

Most of the websites and application do not portray the entire rate on the home page. For example, in order to be in a position to view the total cost of the room on the major last minute booking applications such as Hotel Tonight, you will sometimes need to tap the name of your desired hotel and subsequently on a different screen tap book now bar so as to view the price together with the taxes and fees.


Checking the dates and fine print

It is worth noting that the current dates may not be automatically be the default settings of the sites and applications. For instance, app such as Stayful allows the users to bid for hotels up to 30 days advance as well as last minute although it does not have the current date as the default settings. In addition to this, it is also prudent to check the length of stay. This is for the reason that some of the sites and applications have specified number of days although it can be changed, for instance, LMT Deals has two nights as the default stay length. It is more important to aslo check the fine print since most of the deals might not be refunded or the room type could be assigned to you.


Shopping Around

Mostly, although a site may put an inventory online at a certain time, it does not actually mean that is when you need to pounce. There could be more appealing deals sometimes later on the similar site, or even on a different one. Different applications normally display different deals of similar hotels, and sometimes of you do not shop around you may end up with a costly deal. Moreover, there some apps lie Stayful that will allow you to bid on a room on an insultingly lower deal. Consequently, you may want to decide for how long you are going to comparison shop.


Key to Success

If you will want to be successful in your search for last minute deals, then it is crucial that you balance the cost savings with the research time through comparing three main tools. First it is good to look at the applications that will guide you to the high end hotels, secondly, you can have a look at the third party sites so as to check prices across a number of sites and finally, you should also consider confirming with the hotel’s own website. More importantly, use of telephone can also come in handy during such a time, especially when you need to confirm a deal.