The Top Ten Holy Places to Visit in India

India is a spiritual country. Hindu temples and holy site don every corner of its cities. The country’s religious geography shows the rich diversity of religions and ancient civilizations.

Following are the top holy places where every spiritually inclined visitor ought to visit in India;haridwar

1. Haridwar

This is where your pilgrimage should begin. This is the land of gods i.e. where god s left their footprints according to Indian beliefs. Here, you will find plush green forests, temples of Hindu gods and holy ponds and religious rivers. This is where the famous River Ganges is. The place is widely considered as the gateway to the house of the gods.kedarnath

2. Kedarnath

This is another name for Lord Shiva. It is located at the scenic backdrop of the magnificent Kedarnath mountain ranges. It is one of the twelve temples of Lord Shiva, which are spread across various cities.Basilica of bom Jesus

3. Basilica of bom Jesus

Away from Hindu temples is this ancient church located in Old Goa. The church was built 400 years ago and has been designated as a Heritage Site. The name means infant Jesus and it’s India’s first minor Basilica. The church holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier, patron of saint Goa preserved in a casket since 1552.Ganesha Utsav, Mumbai, Maharashtra

4. Ganesha Utsav, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ganesha refers to the elephant-headed god of wisdom, affluence and good tidings. This god is worshipped for nine days only in August and September from the 4th of the month to 14th when the moon waxes.Vaishno Devi Temple

5. Vaishno Devi Temple

This is one of the oldest temples located on the sacred hills of the Shivalik hill range. Millions of worshipers troop here every year to get Vaishno Devi’s blessings. The shrine here has three deities i.e. Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati.

6. The Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

This is a temple with amazing architecture where every side you look takes you into the history, culture and eroticism of this ancient civilization. This doubles up as a top honeymoon destination for lovebirds. The temple is also famous for its dance festival held every March.

7. Ajmer

Located in southwest of Jaipur is a holy destination for Muslims and Hindus. It is a pilgrimage center visited by people of all faiths all year long.

8. The golden temple

This temple is filled with religious passion and purity. Also known as Harmindher Sahib, the temple which is located in Amritsar is widely visited by many Sikhs. At night, it is completely lit up and its illuminated gold dome is particularly captivating.Varanasi city

9. Varanasi city

Going to this city is like taking a journey to spiritual history. It is the city of Lord Shiva. In winter, the city’s sacred rivers are riddled with burning lamps which gives the place a radiant look. Come and dip yourself in one of its rivers and shine in the glory of worship.

10. Mathura

Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna. This god is associated with numerous mythological tales of performing magical deeds to help the people.

These are just but some of the spiritual destinations of this great country. To discover more, get your Indian Visas book the next flight to Mumbai.