Experience a Holiday in Silvery Snowy Mountains

Holidays are as important as sleep for humans as they grant relief from the monotonous routine life and offer a rejuvenated feel. It’s important to have a fun filled holiday that allows us to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Vacations thus act as tools for relaxing ourselves and get back to work with new and improved energy. If the holiday destination, we choose is same conventional one, then it could be not so exciting and refreshing. So choosing a mesmerizing destination is much crucial when you plan for a holiday.snowy mountains

There are various mesmerizing destinations in the alluring countries, India and Nepal which are perfect holiday spots for adventure lovers. Both the countries are rich in culture and offer a great chance for all the travelers to discover the appealing attractions of the most fascinating regions. There are several unique destinations in both the countries that are renowned for exceptionally beautiful sites. The majestic ambience of the nature and the peaceful atmosphere and the small drives in the national parks and sanctuaries will be a marvelous holiday.

In order to enjoy a relaxing holiday traveler can choose the India and Nepal tours as both the destinations are filled with spectacular wonders. One can experience magnificent cultures and enjoy the diversities of two different countries by picking the best package.  As both the places Nepal and India are well known for beautiful locations, travelers can have a pleasing experience of holiday and one can choose the places depending on the duration of the holiday.snow mountain

Nepal lies in the lap of The Great Himalayas and grabs the attention of nature lovers. It is never ruled by foreign rulers thus preserves its uniqueness and originality. Nepal has a distinct culture that isolates it from the whole world.  The charm of the region and the unusual attractions make the alluring place perfect for vacation.

Travelers can witness snowy mountains, unusual natural scenic beauty, lovely costumes and Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites. One can enjoy folk dances, delicious local delicacies, marvelous pieces of Bronze and pottery and figures.kathmandu nepal

Kathmandu the Capital of Nepal, is the most famous place that reflects Buddhist culture and architecture. The well known Pasupatinath Mandir gives an approach to the spiritual and religious way of life.

All the magnificent locations and other attractions reveal the life of the people of Nepal.  Mountaineering and trekking are the most popular activities in Nepal. People interested in having an adventure filled vacation can enjoy the challenges and thrills in this lively destination. Tourists can visit the peaceful Durbar Square, The Monkey Temple, Chitwan National Park to experience diverse species of vegetation and animal life.

Tourists can explore cities like Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, Khajuraho and other striking destinations in India along with the alluring places in Nepal. The traveler can enjoy the richness of culture in India, while taking a trip to all these places. The rich Mughal architecture in monuments of Delhi and Jaipur, awesome artwork in the temples of Khajuraho, eternal bliss and peace of holy city Varanasi leaves one amazed at the splendid culture of India.