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Surat, formerly known as Suryapur, which is believed to be the name given by a Brahman named Gopi, several centuries ago, is one of the most economically strong cities in the nation. It is also popularly known as the city of flyovers, because of the countless flyover that it houses. Historically, the city is one of the most ancient cities in India. There are certain references of the city in the epic Hindu mythology Mahabharata. In the early 15th century the city was a major port to the Portuguese when they ravaged the city. Later, in 1615, the ships from the East India Company took over the control in their hands, following the Battle of Swally. It was then made the seat of presidency of the East India Company. The city’s economy was pretty much ruined by the Britishers, but after independence the city started to regain its importance. By the early 20th century, the city was again the center of manufacturing, trade, and commerce.surat

Today, the city is the economical capital of the state and is the 4th fastest developing city in the nation. An interesting fact about the city is that it is the first Smart IT City in India. The city is also world-popular as the Diamond hub of the world. It is the heart of the world diamond polishing industry and is a major manufacturer of textiles, especially silk. That is why it is also known as the silk city of the nation. Besides, the city also houses the ultra-modern infrastructure. This includes large shopping complexes, multistage buildings, plush residences, multiplexes, and more. What’s more, boosting tourism in the city is the fantastic range of restaurants and hotels in Surat which caters all the needs of every single visitor to the city.

Tourism is one important aspect of the city. The city’s culture is a perfect mix of several other cultures brought by the floating population, who came to the city in search of work or trade etc. The city blossoms on the fertile banks of river Tapti, which also has a religious significance. Even though the city today, is very modern but it still values its age-old traditions, cultures, and rituals. It has somehow managed to find the perfect way to save the precious age-old values and traditions, and also blend-within the best of modernity and urban culture.silvaasa

Getting around in the city and checking out the attraction is a very convenient and easy affair, because of its fantastic flyovers and state-of-art transportation system. The most popular way of exploring the city is using the local transportation mediums like local buses and auto-rickshaws. Besides, hiring cabs is also one effective and fun way to explore the city’s attractions.

Coming to the points of attraction part; there are simply countless interesting and fun places to visit in Surat tourism. To name a few include – Mugal Sarai, Dutch Garden, Nature Park, Textile Market, Rangupavan, BAPS TEMPLE, Iscon Mall, Central Mall, and Surat castle. surat tourism

Besides checking out the attractions in the city, another cool thing to that comes under the city’s tourism is tasting the local cuisines. Cold coco, Surti Ghari, Rasawala Khaman, Locho, and Surti Undhiyu are some of the local delicacies of the city.

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