Doing More at the Weekend

Weekends – there aren’t enough of them. There are definitely not enough to waste them sitting around, visiting relatives (however lovely they may be) or reorganizing your collection of vinyl. In fact, why stop there. Drive a powerboat, or a stockcar, or an ARGO cat. Drive a 4×4 blindfolded. Life is too short for the sofa.

ImageIf you’ve ever found yourself at the beginning of a weekend, lost in daytime TV and feeling like there really isn’t anything interesting to do anymore then you haven’t thought to try out an experience day. Get all the kicks with none of the training, and fit a whole new adventure into your precious 48 hours. Here a few ideas guaranteed to get you out of the door.

Become a Commando

For one whole weekend you can get down in the dirt and grime, flexing your mighty muscles as your trigger finger itches on the stock of an assault rifle. There is a whole range of commandos and survival weekends in the UK, but the more adventurous might want to head somewhere like the Commando Killing House in Budapest. This is where they train real special forces teams, and for a weekend you can learn room clearing, fire guns and be led by a genuine ex-commando instructor. Budapest is only a two hour flight away, and you can always look to book last minute flights for an excellent deal.

Driving Anything You Like

Whatever you’ve always wanted to drive, whether it’s a tank or a Lamborghini, the weekend is your opportunity to strap yourself into the driving seat of your dream vehicle. Various companies offer experience days where you can drive a huge range of sports cars, supercars, classic cars and pretty much any kind of super cool road car. If you want to get off-road, however, it’s worth checking the 4×4 experience days in Birmingham, Krakow or Prague. And, yes, you really can do it blindfolded.

Get Out in the Wild

Canyoning, caving, abseiling, mountain biking, assault courses, high-ropes courses – all great opportunities to get outdoors for something other than a slow-paced walk in the woods. For a real adrenaline kick in the rugged, wild, try white water rafting. You can book yourself onto a white water rafting experiences at different locations across the UK. It really is one of the most thrilling things you can do with a weekend, and you can go with the whole family (provided everyone is over 14).

Food and Drink

If all of this sounds like hard work and you’d rather unwind with a cocktail or a glass of bubbly, don’t fret. Try a cookery workshop in Amsterdam or head to the Highlands for a whisky tasting weekend. Your adventures can be of a more culinary kind as you unwind in a fine hotel and learn the art of tasting. Or you might like to spend a weekend learning how to forage for edible plants, fungi, flowers and seeds before learning how to prepare and cook a wild meal.