Explore The Beauty Of Gujarat By Planning Weekend Vacation For Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is a city that is located in the state of Gujarat. This city is an eminent part of Gujarat state and is mostly visited by tourists. Bhavnagar proffers its tourists and visitors, many of scenic and pictorial spots as well as a variety of religious attractive spots like Takhteshwar temple. If you are planning a weekend vacation in Bhavnagar, then you should not forget to visit Barton Library as our father of nation i.e. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the renowned visitors of this library.

The other places that you can visit during a weekend vacation in Bhavnagar are:

  • Gandhi Smriti: This place was established in the year 1955 and now this place has become one of the most traveled places in Bhavnagar. It’s regarded as a memorial place which holds a variety of photographs of Mahatma Gandhi. Furthermore, this place is seated at the center of Bhavnagar city that vastly nourishes the memories associated with Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Barton Library: It’s regarded as the oldest educational institution in Bhavnagar region. This library was built at the end of 19th Century and is sited at the center of Bhavnagar region, which depicts historical significance. It has a vast collection of magazines and books. This library is famous because Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most eminent readers in this library, which adds an additional craze among tourists/visitors to visit this library.
  • Takhteshwar temple: This temple was built in the year 1893. If you pay a visit to Bhavnagar city, then don’t forget to visit this temple as it’s one of the most renowned temples in the city that holds strong cultural significance. The temple is situated on top of small hills that proffers a thrilling and pictorial view to its visitors.
  • Mahuva: This place is a small town which is very near to Takhteshwar temple situated in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. This place is beautifully surrounded by greenery and natural lavish gardens so as to let its visitors enjoy the mesmerizing aesthetic beauty of this place. Nearby this town, you can also visit Gulf of Kambhat that proffers a pleasant climate and atmosphere throughout the year.
  • Gangajaha: This temple is situated in Bhavnagar city which is visited by numerous tourists as it’s a famous vacation spot in the city of Bhavnagar. This temple is beautifully constructed by skilled architects of that time and it’s firmly believed that in this temple Goddess Ganga and Gangadevi reside.
  • Bhavnagar Lock gate: This place will proffer you a thrilling boat experience. In this place when the tide is low, it enables the ship to remain afloat. Furthermore, tourists love to visit this place and it’s only the lock gate that is built in the state of Gujarat.

The list of places isn’t coming to an end here, in fact, you can surf more places nearby, during your weekend vacation for Bhatinda like Valabhipur, Velavadar National Park, Palitana town, Jain temples, and Mahuva shore etc.

So, make your weekend memorable by planning a trip to Bhavnagar that proffers you with ancient Takhteshwar temples, lock gates and a famous Barton library.

Best Travel Information about Bhavnagar Tourism And Places to Visit in Bhavnagar to make an amazing vacation.