Weekend Vacation For Bheraghat That’s Famous For Its Dhuandhar Falls

Bheraghat town is located in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh state. The place is sited at the bank of River Narmada that approximately lies at a distance of 20 km from Jabalpur state. This town is popularly known for its eminent places like Marble rocks, Dhuandhar Falls and Chausath Yogini temple.

If you are planning for weekend vacation for Bheraghat, then don’t forget to visit Dhuandhar waterfalls, as these waterfalls look smoke like structure that comes out of the river. Due to this reason, this waterfall is named as Dhuan means smoke and dhar means flow of water. Another major attractive spot is Bandar Kodini in which the two points of mountain become so close that monkeys can jump across these points, hence its name.

Here’s enumerating some most popular attraction which you must include in your weekend vacation for Bheraghat:

Marble Rocks: This place proffers you a thrilling experience and visits this place especially in months from November to May. In these months, you can enjoy boating experience especially boating in moonlight proffers you with a thrilling experience. Furthermore, the place also offers adventurous moments like there is a ropeway which is used for crossing the River.

Dhuandhar Falls: This place is the most visited place in Bheraghat city. River Narmada, makes its way through marble rocks that slender and plunges into a waterfall at a frequent speed, that’s why it’s called Dhuandhar falls. Dhuan symbolizes smoke while dhar symbolizes the flow of water. When the water punges in the waterfall, it makes a very loud sound that can be heard from a specific far distance. The place symbolizes the natural beauty in which you can discover a pleasant and quiet environment.

Soapstone Artifacts: The soapstone artifacts revealed by River Narmada proffers a job opportunity to families in which they craft lingas, crosses, Madonnas, trinket and ashtray boxes.

Chausath Yogini temple: This temple is situated at the top of hill. Visitors can reach the temple by climbing several long steps. The temple proffers you with a pictorial and scenic view of River Narmada that beautifully flows across the jagged marble rocks. Moreover, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga where you can find beautiful sculptures and deities which belong to Kalchuri era. Furthermore, some people also say that this temple is related to Queen Durgavati’s palace and there is also an underground passage from where you can travel to this palace.

There is a plenty of things to do in your weekend vacation for Bheraghat that proffers you with a lot of activities like you can do boating in Dhuandhar Falls. Moreover, if you are in search for a peaceful and pleasant environment, then travel to Chausath Yogini temple which proffers you with scenic view of River Narmada.

Rediscover adventure and thrill in your life by planning a vacation to Bheraghat city located in state of Madhya Pradesh.