Visit Nagaland for the Joyous Hornbill Festival

Bounded by Assam in the West, Myanmar in the East, Arunachal Pradesh in the North, and Manipur in the South, Nagaland is a state in North Eastern part of India. Brimming with a fantastic blend of a myriad of tribes, Nagaland is a land of joy. The Nagas know how to live and celebrate each and every moment of life, and therefore, a plenitude of festivals are celebrated here throughout the year. Come, explore this land of festivals amidst the glorious time of the Hornbill Festival.

Considered to be the “Festival of Festivals”, the Hornbill Festival is celebrated every year in the first week of December. This is one festival which exhibits the grandeur of this state in a magnificent spectacle. The Hornbill Festival was incorporated in the state by the Government of Nagaland in the year 2000, as an initiative to inculcate and exhibit the feeling of unity amongst its multitude of tribes. The festival is an exemplary initiative to bring the divergent range of festivals and cultures of the various tribes under one big umbrella, thereby, touting this festival as the “Festival of Festivals.”

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If planning to tour Nagaland, take help of the PNR prediction feature of the Indian Railways to get your tickets booked in advance, so that you do not miss on the opportunity to explore the marvels of this gorgeous land amidst the lavish celebrations of the Hornbill Festival. Since, more than 60% of the population of Nagaland depends on agriculture for their living, the festivals in Nagaland revolve around agriculture. They consider these festivals, sacred and an inevitable part of their culture, and therefore, each and everyone participates in the festivities.

The Hornbill Festival is the best time and event to explore Nagaland intricately. This is because one gets to understand their culture, taste their food, watch their folk dances, and listen to their folk songs during this splendid period of festivities. The Hornbill Festival is held at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama, which is some 12 km away from Kohima.

The major highlights of the Hornbill Festival are:

  • Crafts, sports, food fair, games, and ceremonies
  • Traditional Naga Morungs Exhibition
  • Sale of arts and crafts, foods, flower show, herbal medicine stalls, etc
  • Fashion shows, Beauty Contest, Archery, Musical Concert
  • Traditional Naga Wrestling

One of the significant highlights of this celebration is the Hornbill International Rock Festival that is held at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in which local and worldwide rock groups perform. The celebration is also a tribute to the Hornbill, a bird most respected by the Naga individuals for its characteristics of readiness and greatness. This magnificent being is connected intimately with the social existence of the general population, as is obvious in tribal fables, dances and melodies. The wonderment and adoration of the winged creature are typically exhibited on all customary tribal headgears worn amid merriments.

So, pack your stuff, book the tickets, check your PNR status of the added pre-trip organization, and head up straight for this extravagant fiesta of life in Nagaland. Explore the land of festivities with the Hornbill Festival.