Matheran – Best Things Come in Small Packages

Matheran is the smallest hill station in India, with a populace of not more than 8000, and a range of only 7 km2. This little town, arranged in the Karjat Tehsil of Maharashtra has a comfortable atmosphere to it that pulls in a great deal of vacationers from close and far who look for comfort from their robust lives. Explore this tranquil shelter here.

Initially things to begin with, finding that impeccable hotel to stay in is really essential here since Matheran is a small town and doesn’t have many outdoor attractions when contrasted with its counterparts. One can search for the best Matheran hotels or resorts either on the web, or by a typical travel enquiry work area. Matheran hotels are reasonably valued and haven’t disillusioned their visitors in this way.

Charlotte Lake

matheran lake

Indulge in a romantic candle lit setup by the dusk at this dazzling lake. Being the essential wellspring of water in Matheran locale, this lake is tranquil and a vital element of the tour to this hill station. There is one old sanctuary of Pisarnath situated toward one side of the lake, and in the storm, waterfalls spill out around it, making for a marvelous sight. Go for a blissful babble by the lake.


trakking in matheran

The natural knocks of the slopes of Matheran make it a perfect destination for trekking. The long nature stroll, alongside the dreamlike feeling around, can add a great deal of good to the trek. Maintain a strategic distance from this movement in the rainstorm season, subsequent to Matheran has a thick woodland spread which could represent some peril to the climbers.

Valley Crossing

valley crossing

Ever considered crossing a valley via rope? All things considered, Valley Crossing is one action that one can’t bear to miss, just if one has an audacious streak to them. Cross the valley holding tight a rope with dynamic perspectives of the chasm around. For your information, the valley is around 1000 feet deep. Woah!

Picturesque Points

Matheran is about stunning landscapes, and accommodates a few genuine photographic spots. The Panorama Point, Heart Point, Louisa Point, Alexander Point, Porcupine Point, and so forth, are the spots that one needs to visit and experience for that quiet feel of the Matheran bundle of joy.


parasailing in matheran

Since there are such a large number of scenic and peak points in Matheran, parasailing is the most sought after activity of this town, however, that depends totally on the weather conditions. Head up for an audacious, yet recreational involvement with calm of the mountains far and wide. Sheer delight!


For takeback sake, grab the evergreen Kolhapuri Chappals designed with Matheran leather. The other leather products of Matheran which attracts tourists are caps, belts, and shoes that are solely created and priced pretty sensibly. Keep in mind to get the popular Matheran chikki, a sweet exquisite, stuffed before clearing out of this town. This yummy delicacy is a hit among the voyagers.

The nearest railway station to reach Matheran is its very own Matheran Railway Station. Daily trains ply from this railway station and connect directly or indirectly with major cities across the country. Start with the train ticket booking process, and head to this little hamlet of joy.