Vijayawada – A visit to one of the fastest emerging commercial cities

Important temples, caves and towering buildings, the city of Vijayawada is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Already considered a major commercial hub, the city is bound for great things in the near future. The city makes for an extraordinary sightseeing adventure and a visit to this city promises you days of fun filled adventure.

One of the biggest cities of Andhra Pradesh and a rapidly growing city, Vijayawada is today one of the most important commercial cities in India. A fine modern city still preserving its ancient ruins, the city has great connectivity as all the railroads connecting all the major cities from the south to north has to pass through this city. It also has flights connecting to almost every major airports in India, with one of the most popular one being the Bangalore to Vijayawada flights. Also a politically influential and important city, this city is also a very religious site. Mentioned below are the things you need to do during your visit to this city.

kanakadurga temple

Visit the Kanaka Durga Temple

This legendary temple set on the Indrakeeladri hills is a definite must visit on your trip to this city. Devoted to Goddess Kanaka Durga, legend says that Arjuna acquired the Pasupata astra at this site and in the wake of picking up the astra, he built this temple for Goddess Durga.

besant road

Go for shopping in Besant street

Besant Road, is the busiest exchange focus in Vijayawada and the place where you will see wandering faces of all the tourists and travellers coming into the city. The street is flanked by cutting edge diners, including eateries serving western style foods and in addition Indian delights.

undavalli caves

Visit the Undavalli Caves

Lying around 8 kms from the main city, this is one of the focal tourist attractions of of Vijayawada. Believed to have been carved around the time of 7th century A.D, there are also records of Buddhist monks using the caves as a resting house for themselves during some parts of the year when the weather gets unfavourable. There is a gigantic leaning back statue of Vishnu which reclines comfortably providing a perfect view.

prakasham barrage

Visit the Prakasam Barrage

This is a remarkable prominent traveler spot as it offers all encompassing perspectives of the waterway from here. Prakasam Barrage is a 1223.5 m long structure over the Krishna River, which associates Krishna and Guntur locale. The development of the flood began in 1852 and finished in 1855. Sightseers going to the torrent can get a perspective of the lake.