Top Things to Enjoy on Greek Islands

Greece is a beautiful country situated in the Southern Europe and Balkans. Athens is the largest and national capital city of the country. Located strategically at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Greece has a total of 227 islands. Each island represents different culture and tradition, except the amazing blue waters and exceptionally beautiful beaches. If you are planning a trip to Greece, then leaf through this article and know about where you must go and what you should do!

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Go Shopping (Santorini)

If you are visiting Greece for the first time, then the Santorini Island should be your best choice. Dotted with white-sculptured villages and nestled atop sharp volcanic cliffs that push into the deep-blue Aegean, spectacular views and best sunsets in the world, there is no reason to deny a visit to this island. Santorini is a paradise for anyone who wishes to enjoy this beautiful Greek Island, whether you are photographers, artists, hikers or shoppers. The beaches of Santorini islands are made of black-and-red volcanic sand. Kamari place is the most famous with a great boardwalk of cafes, hotels and bars. You can also enjoy shopping in the local colorful markets available at Santorini.

greek cuisine

Indulge into Greek Cuisine (Crete)

Crete is the largest of the whole Greek islands with individual local culture that is visible in its amazing old towns including Rethymno and Chania. This island beholds are deserted beaches (specifically on the south coast), pure mountain villages and the best food / cuisine among all Greek islands. The cuisine relies deeply on herbs, seasonal produce and olive oil. When in here, you must try fresh beans cooked gently with olive oil and tomato and the fasolakia. Also, if you choose to be adventurous on food, then snails with cracked wheat would be just perfect.


Enjoy Dance Beats (Mykonos)

A cross between Ibiza and Capri, Mykonos simply boasts of the best beaches and the incredible nightlife in the country. The sleepy fishing towns on this amazing paradise-island gave way to the jet-set party lot years ago; but today, it has settled as a conventional tourist destination. When in Mykonos, you must visit Chora, the capital of this island and explore its galleries, shops, bars, restaurants and white-washed alleys with bougainvillea and grape vines dripping down walls.

hydra greece

Explore the History (Hydra)

Hydra is one of the prettiest Greek islands with exotic and well-preserved architecture. Many of the popular people made Hydra their home and their houses are located on the hills nearby the harbour. Motorbikes and cars are banned on the island with mules being the main mode of transportation of their choice for travelers. On the other hand, some of the beaches can only be accessed by sea-taxi, but the harbour is the main place where many of the people go for swim. The Hydra Island is geared for relaxation than nightlife.

Apart from these islands, Rhodes Island gives you a history lesson (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Ios Island (to enjoy water sports during the day and party by night) and Lesvos (to get the all-in-one Greek experience) are some of the other islands to enjoy on Greek Islands.

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