Top 8 Hidden Gems To Visit On Holiday In Amsterdam

Amsterdam City
Amsterdam is a major world city that is renown for its various installations, activities and unique attractions. This is the Netherland’s capital and not to forget, the most populous whose history of origin dates back to the 12th century. Amsterdam is a headquarter city to several global companies with an example being Phillips. Being such a notable city, big and important as it is; one would be forgiven for thinking that it is the political capital of the Netherlands. However, this is not the case as the political capital is The Hague. The city of Amsterdam has got great and unique attractions, judging by all standards. Amsterdam City
Top 8 attractions in Amsterdam are as outlined below:
• Amsterdam Brown Café
• Begijnhof
• Magere Brug
• Van Gogh Museum
• Oude Kerk
• The National Maritime Museum
• Amsterdam canal ring
• Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam Brown Café
There are many old Cafés going by the name Brown. Any of them is a great place to relax after an activity filled day over a beer or mug of coffee. It is easy to notice that most patrons are locals and they also seem to crowd the place. The people are friendly and the prices are relatively low.Amsterdam-Evening-City-768x1366

On the main commercial street, Kalverstraat is a curved sign directing to the entrance of this spectacular garden. It is a narrow way leading right in. The garden is surrounded by old houses, formerly occupied by celibate nuns who have since been replaced by aged ladies. Among these houses is house number 34, which is the oldest in Amsterdam.

Magere Brug
This bridge built in 1670 has not had much change since. A bridge master allows boats to sail through over the river Amstel by opening the bridge at intervals 20 minutes apart. The air is fresh courtesy of the river and the view of activities by this bridge is exciting.Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh, is a modern museum accommodating work pieces of a Dutch painter after whom the museum is named. Both paintings and sketches of this great man can total to over 700 pieces. Majority of the museum’s collections are his paintings, sketches and letters, where letters by his friends also join in the lot.

Oude Kerk
Remarkable at the core of the Red Light District is a big and aged protestant church, with small houses dangling to its sides. Sailors used an ancient bell-tower on this building to derive their bearings. A walk around the church in the night is quite captivating.

The National Maritime Museum
Also known as the Het Scheepvaart, is a colourful museum with a 17th century shiped on the waters beside it. The Netherlands was the world’s largest sea influence and this is best captured in this museum that has been recently renovated.
Amsterdam canal ring
The ancient city centre is created from canal rings that makes walking through the place feel peaceful and free. One may choose to use a bicycle, wealk or sail by boat.Rijksmuseum

This museum is the largest in the Netherlands and was opened in the year 2013, after 10 years of rennovation. The museum has great collections and it attracts over a million visitors every year.

One may boast to have travelled the world and seen it all, but it is yet until setting foot in Amsterdam. It should be noted that you may obtain a Sri Lanka Visa from her embassy in Amsterdam if need be.