Top 5 Luxury Holiday Destinations


As we approach the holiday season most of families are budgeting and planning on how they will spend their holidays which can be difficult sometimes. These are places that would be included in the list as they are the most luxurious destinations that you can ever visit in the world.

South Africa

This is the best place that you can go with your family than going there as an adventure. It’s a place which is well known as Safari capital of the world. The place is gorgeous with its African plains that will take you to precious places that you will be able to experience the diverse wildlife which includes zebras, cheetahs, giraffe, white rhinos, and cheetahs among others. The country has the largest luxurious private reserves called Samara which have everything that will guarantee you a great safari experience. Samara offers activities like range led drive that passes through the mountain and allows you to view the grasslands and the abundant wildlife.

Isles of Indonesia

The place is one of which that has Islands that are untouched across the world. The place has white powdery beaches, jungle covered with mountains, and azure blue waters. The amazing Islands offers trinket markets, delicious cuisines, and a laid back vibe which is recommendable for unwinding. The Isles offers a combination of Balinese culture, and a ride on a majestic Indian elephant.

For those who love marine they can visit Gili Island which is a remote Island destination. Lombok and Tugu are luxurious hotels where you can stay during your holidays.

Sri Lanka

The country as beautiful tea estates, historical fortress towns, and national parks. Kahanda Kanda is one luxurious hotel which is a short drive from Colombo and overlooks Koggala lake in a tea estate that is about 12 acres. The hotel is in the middle of a tropical flora and fauna and has blossoming gardens which offers a great view of rolling tea covered hills. Nearby there is Galle town which has amazing beaches that will allow you to see the sun as it sets over the sea and a spot of migrating whales. The best experience here is mobile tent safari as you watch wildlife that inhabits the Sri Lanka’s national park

United States of America (USA)

To have a real American experience the best place to visit is the southwestern states. First visit the Las Vegas, a place full of dazzling lights, then the Grand Canyon, which is 277 miles long and Bolt hole which is the favorite called El Tovar which has been there since 1905. Other activities to explore include white water rafting, exploring the canyon by bike, and or using a helicopter. Other places to discover are Lake Powell in Utah, Vermillion Cliffs, Navajo Mountain, and hiking through Boynton Canyon.

Costa Rica

This is the Central America’s playground a place that offers activities like turtles spotting, surfing in the Pacific, and you can explore the Costa Rica’s active volcano. The place has an eco-retreat at Pacuare Lodge which is in the middle of a jungle where you can listen to the sounds of the river as you enjoy a candlelight cuisine.

Those who are planning to travel they can use the Easy jet phone number to confirm their booking. Enjoy and have fun during your holidays.