This holiday season head to Matheran for a fun-filled memorable holiday

A perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure buffs, Matheran welcomes all with great enthusiasm. Simply head to the town and choose one of the best Matheran hotels as your accommodation, for a tranquil holiday.

Matheran, a small, beautiful hill town that resides just besides to the nation’s commercial capital, Mumbai, is one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations in India. It is the hill-town’s natural beauty that draws the attention of thousands of tourists towards the town.matheran train tour

Interestingly, it is quite an amusing fact that even after getting stuffed with tourists throughout the year, the hill town is still very much unspoiled and more tranquil. The town is completely capped by greenery and is home to a diverse species of flora and fauna. The reason behind the hill town being unspoiled, pollution-free town is that no motor-vehicle is allowed within the town’s limits. The only means to get around the town are the rickshaws, horses, and carts. However, as the town is quite small, so it is possible to access most of the tourist attractions on foot. Besides, walking is perhaps most rewarding and most fun way to explore the hill-town.matheran tour

The town is primarily set on a plateau and is ideally cooler than Mumbai. Mumbaikars, and other tourists flock to the hill town across the year. However, the best time to visit the town is after monsoon. It is during this particular time period when all the waterfalls and lakes in the region are filled with sparkling water. Meanwhile, the months between February and March are also often in matheran

Brimming with natural wealth, Matheran is a fine exhibit of green earth. This little piece of heaven is filled with  waterfalls, lakes, parks, meadows, virgin forests, rich and diverse flora & fauna, and a number of lookout points. Nature blesses the town in abundance and the good thing is that the government is doing the right job is protecting the town’s natural wealth. A couple of must-check places to visit in Matheran include: Panorama point, Heart Point, Monkey Point, Luisa Point, Malang Point, Echo Point, Honeymoon Hill, Charlotte Lake, Olympia, One Tree Hill, Khandala Point, Little Chowk Point, and Sunset Point. Watching sunrise and sunset is the most popular activity in the town. Besides, viewing the entire Sahyadri range from the top of a hill is another popular activity among the tourists. Taking a horse ride or simply strolling around in the quiet surroundings, with the cool breeze caressing your cheeks, while the sun plays hide and seek with the obstructing clouds, is an activity that every visitor should do.budget hotels in matheran

Matheran is certainly a place where one can unwind. It is a popular destination for picnics, trekking, meditation, yoga, and retreats. A sojourn trip that lasts for a day or two will be sufficient to spend a relaxing holiday in the town. The good thing is this that there is a huge range of Matheran hotels available, which lets one to choose the hotel that best suits his needs and expectations.

West – End Hotel, Lords Central Hotel, Adamo The Resort, Gujarat Bhavan Hotel, Horseland Hotel And Mountain Spa, and The Verandah In the Forest, are some of the best Matheran hotels. Those looking for budget Matheran hotels, can head to Adamo The Resort, Pramod Lodge, Hotel Royal, Discover Resort, Lords Central Hotel, Rucha Heritage, and Ashirwad Cottage.