Five Helpful Tips for Preparing a Hunter Valley Holiday

The Hunter Region, better known as the Hunter Valley, is a stunning area within driving distance of Australia’s most bustling of metropolises, Sydney. It is best known as a winegrowing region due to the number of famous vineyards in the region, but there is far more to do here than savour some of Australia’s finest wines.hunter valley travel

Know what you want to see and do

Yes, you want to sample fantastic wines and lots of them, but what else do you want to do whilst holidaying in the Hunter Valley? There is actually much more to do here than sample wine and eat extremely well, so to get the most out of your time here, make a list of what you want to see and do so as to create a rough itinerary.

Touring a few vineyards, sampling wines and local produce is a must, and you can enjoy this every day you spend here, but chances are you will want to do something else, like a hot air balloon ride, visit the colourful local markets, and perhaps even pamper yourself a little. With so many wonderful day spas, this could be the perfect way to spend a morning, an afternoon, or the better part of a day.hunter valley

When to visit

Every season has something to offer though the most popular time for visitors to holiday here is August through to October when the weather is starting to warm up but hasn’t reached the often sweltering temperatures of summer.

Summer is, however, a magnificent time of year to visit, perhaps a little too humid for some, but it is harvest time and a wonderfully vibrant time of the year to visit. Winter, which is the months of June and July, can be cold, but this time of year is certainly not without its charms and it really is a lovely time of year to spend time here. Arrange a cosy Hunter Valley cottage, pack warm clothes, and enjoy the many delights the region has to offer in winter.hunter valley tour

Consider the amount of time you have to spend

Whilst you can never spend enough time in the Hunter Valley, it suffices to say you won’t be afforded the luxury of staying as long as you would like, so think about how long you have to spend here.

Taking into account the time you have to spend here helps you to plan a rough itinerary, plus it will also help you to make astute decisions concerning accommodation, transportation, outings and tours.

Transportation and tours

The best way to travel around the Hunter Valley is in your own transportation, so hire a car if you are not arriving in your own vehicle, but don’t drink and drive if you are planning to sample some of Australia’s finest wines. Arrange a wine-tasting tour if no one wants to be the designated driver, as there are many to join and they really are a lot of fun.

Having a car to get around in is advisable because the Hunter Valley isn’t a small region by any means and although there is public transportation available, it is hardly the best way to get around. You can hire a car in Sydney or Newcastle and drive here, or if you are arriving at Cessnock Airport in the Hunter Valley, you can arrange to pick up a hire car there.hunter valley accomodation


As it is quite a popular destination for domestic and international visitors – the Hunter Valley is the 6th most visited regions in Australia and is visited by more than 2.5 million people every year – there is an abundance of accommodation options to consider when planning a holiday to the Hunter Valley.

Deciding upon a particular area to stay can prove difficult because there are so many, so think about the vineyards and wineries you want to visit, the activities you would like to partake in, and the places of interest you would like to visit.

Some of the most popular areas to stay at and/or visit are as follows: Broke, Cessnock, Lovedale, Maitland, Morpeth, Paterson, Pokolbin, Singleton, and Wollombi.

With so much to see and do, in addition to sampling some of Australia’s best wines, you are sure to have the time of your life in the Hunter Valley. The best holidays are those that are well-planned yet flexible, so allow yourself the freedom to experience the region at your own pace. Like a fine wine, the Hunter Valley is to be savoured.