Top 5 things to do in Turkey for youngsters

Exploring different countries and places is the most favorable hobby for people around the world. Everyone from youngsters, adults or newlywed couples love to explore new frontiers across the globe. There are several beautiful places to visit and many unfamiliar things in this world to get acquainted with, however; it is not possible to explore all the areas at once and, therefore, many people prefer country wise tours to explore the beauty of a particular country and its corresponding tourist spots and amazing places. Every place has its own significance and adventure, adults prefer calm & cool places, youngsters prefer adventurous and sporty places, while newlyweds love beaches and scenic sites. This article is mainly focused on various things that youngsters can do while in Turkey.

Although, there are many things youngsters can do during their Turkey visit, following are the top five among them.

Cycling on Mountains and Trails

Turkey has an extensive forest trail and mountain ranges that youngsters would love to explore on cycles. These include

Lycian Trail

Ride through the wonderful and mystical way beside the Lycian coast to the Tahatali Dag located at the height of 1800 meters from the sea.

Saint Paul Trail

Experience the thrill of riding through the Ancient Roman ways across the mountains of Egirdir, which is located at a height of 2200 meters from the sea level.

Initiate your ride from the Aspendos, which is few miles away from Antalya through the rose and herb plantations along the exotic views to Adada.

Ride a cycle through the beautiful forests of pines and beautiful coastline across the Datca Peninsula up to Hisaronu Bay area.

Ride in the ruins of temples and watch the famous Turkish Tortoise in Aphrodisias.

Explore Turkey on Trains

Exploring Turkey on a train is every youngster’s favorite adventure, some of the best routes to explore Turkey through trains are:

Board on a high speed train from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey towards Istanbul to view the exotic beauty of real Turkey. Travel between Ankara and Kars, the best train route stretched about 1500 KM, to explore Turkey on trains.

You can choose other Train routes from the eastern part of the country towards the central Turkey and vice-versa.

Bath in the hot springs

Pomukkale is the most desired area of Turkey, where people from all over the world love to take a dip into the hot springs located at the Denizli. Cesme hot spring in Aegean Coast, Izmir is another natural thermal spring to take a dip. Hudai hot spring Yafon and Balcova hot spring in Izmir are well known for their high intensity.

Hot air Balloon

Cappadocia is the place for youngsters to ride on hot air balloons to see the amazing landscapes. This is a fun, which no youth would want to miss out during their visit.


Kayaking in Coruh River is a must for every adventure-loving youngster. Riding on the white waters of Coruh River is like living your dreams in reality. One can see widest varieties of Orchids here.

Sea Kayaking is another adventure that youngsters love to do while visiting Turkey.

Dalyan town is also a wonderful place for riverside adventures.

Therefore, Youngsters pack your backpacks, acquire Turkish Visas and go for a lifetime adventures in Turkey.