Is It Too Difficult To Dodge The Sky-High Baggage Fees?

The soaring airline baggage fees have emerged as a crucial concern travelers are faced with today. For years the airlines have been squeezing tourists with their ever-modifying baggage fees. As per reports, the first half of the year 2012 saw the United States raking in a staggering $ 1.7 billion dollars in luggage fees.

Some smart planning from your end can actually help you to cut down on the luggage charges in a major way. Read on to learn more about the tips and tricks to dodge the baggage fees.

Ways to reduce Baggage Fees

Pack Smart

Pack smartlyYes- the most clichéd, oft-repeated, indefatigable advice- fitting almost everything in to your carry-on baggage seems to be the unbeatable solution. However, for some traveling souls the luggage becomes as dubious as flying itself. The use of vacuum sealed bags can be the answer to your woes here. These bags compress your dress in a solid package by sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner. You can also opt for stuff sacks that are commonly used for wilderness backpacking. Instead of a vacuum cleaner, these bags use a large number of straps to compress the contents of your bag. Using a measuring scale, while packing your luggage, is also an important aspect of smart packing. There is a number of weighing scales available in the market used by smart packers used to traveling frequently. Make sure that each of your stuff occupies uniform space so as not to exceed the weight limit. The scale that you’re using to measure your stuff should be accurate. So its imperative that you get them from a reputed company.

Secure an Elite Status with the Airline

It remains a bit difficult to secure an elite status from an airline- simply because of the fact that it’s EXCLUSIVE! Only travelers who have traversed 25,000 miles in a year with a legacy airline (mileage requirement might vary with different airlines) are eligible for the perks or rewards of this status. If you can pocket this reward, you’ll be entitled to a range of rewards like preferred seats and priority boarding.

Settle for the Cheaper Baggage Transport Services

Instead of opting for the sky high airline baggage start researching about the low cost luggage courier companies that will transport your stuff to and from the destination of your choice- safely and at much lower rates than that of the airlines. Consider consulting Send My Bag or for that matter to know more about these services.

Opt for Wearable Luggage

Very interestingly an entire cottage industry had started thriving on the wearable luggage introduced by them after the airlines introduced charges for checked bags. This wearable luggage is nothing but the vests and coats filled with pockets that can be stacked with up to 15 pounds of stuff. The idea might not sound as appealing to the fashionistas out there. But if you’re looking towards making some serious savings you jolly well get going with this!

Pack smart, travel light and keep your touring desires satiated.