Top 10 Things To Do On Holiday In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, which means the muddy river flowing together, is the largest city in Malaysia with an estimated population of about 6.5 million people residing nearby the city’s surrounding. The city is popularly known as the home of the world’s tallest twin towers, fascinating yet pocket friendly five star hotels, great shopping malls and splendid food. In fact, Kuala Lumpur is rated as the world’s sixth most visited city with an average tourist traffic of about 9 million per year. With so much to offer, Kuala Lumpur is an outstanding city to visit and have some unforgettable memories.

10 Things to Do On a Holiday in Kuala Lumpur

1)  Visit the Twin Petronas Towers- Regarded as one of the tallest twin towers in the world, the Petronas towers are 452 meters tall above the ground. In order to get a top view from the building, tourists can buy tickets on the 86th floor of the twin towers. A walk on the world’s highest double deck, sky bridge along the Petronas towers is quite thrilling.

2)  A trip to the National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum- Art lovers will particularly be fascinated by the collections of paintings and artifacts presents at the National Museum. While those who are impressed by Islamic exhibits are free to visit the Islamic Arts Museum.

3.  Eat delicious chocolate at the dip and dip restaurant- Kuala Lumpur is known for its delicious food, but what is more delicious than a meal served with all kinds of chocolate dessert? Regarded as one the best chocolate joint in town, the dip and dip restaurant offers all kinds of chocolate desserts that visitors have a choice to try out.

4) Explore the Batu Caves- A visit to the bat caves, especially during the Thaipusum Festival when about 1 million pilgrims visit the temple. The place is frequent of monkeys, which have formed a habitat around the temple.

5) Meditate at the Golden Triangle- The five star hotels located in the Golden Triangle offer some of the best pampering and spa massages in the city. Plus, the expense of vacating at the five star hotels is rather cheap in comparison with other five star hotels around the world.

6) Take a Walk in Fraser’s Hill- Though traveling to Fraser’s hill takes a bit of time, it is worth the while considering the waterfall and other magnificent views located at the reserve. The site is perfect for a dip, cycling and taking a beautiful picture.

7). Visit Butterfly Park and KL Bird Park- Imagine taking a stroll down a garden while thousands of butterflies surround you, that is what visitors who travel to the Butterfly park enjoy. The KL Bird Park on the other hand, offers an almost similar experience with birds standing on your shoulder as you pose for a picture.

8) Eat Delicious Malaysian cuisine at the Marini’s bar and restaurant- The Marini’s bar and restaurant popularly know for its delicacies-regarded as one the best food joints in Kuala Lumpur. Tourist can also enjoy a view of the Petronas towers while drinking a cocktail.

9) Visit the Grand Hyatt Hotel- To get a feel of the city’s life and get a top view of Kuala Lumpur from a 360 degree angle the Grand Hyatt is the place to visit. Tourists can also eat the hotel while enjoy live music from a band on most nights.

10) Shop at the Berjaya Times Square- Regarded as the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia, Berjaya has a lot to offer such as 3D Imax theatre, fashion boutiques and an indoor theme park.

International tourists who prefer to connect their travel to Malaysia through Sri Lanka can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online. A flight from Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur takes an average time of only 1 hour or less.