Staying in Water Villas in Maldives

Some people do not have the riches to enjoy a luxury Maldives tour. But some are unluckier because even though they have all the money in the world, they just don’t know how to make the most of their life. If you belong to the latter category (i.e. if you have the money and wish to enjoy a few days of non-stop fun), plan a Maldives tour and choose one of its amazing water villas for your accommodation. These water villas are beautiful, well-designed, studded with glass doors and windows and places where you can get complete privacy since you are virtually living over the sea.Water Villas in Maldives

Those with a petty budget may skip reading beyond this point. But for others, here are some of the most coveted water villas in the Maldives:

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi– Ocean Sanctuary Sunset: This is the ultimate place to spend a few days in. Even a one-night stay at this place will lighten you up easily by around $5000 (if not more). With exotic décor, pool and bathroom, this is a villa which will make you believe as if you are stranded on the blue lagoon. Book it with your international honeymoon packages and you may very well be going for the most romantic odyssey of your life. It has got two bedrooms, so make sure to book well in advance.

Huvafen Fushi– Ocean Pavilion: Another amazing water villa with an innovative deck and a luxury pool, this place is your alternative to Ocean Sanctuary Sunset. With 2 bedrooms, this one is another coveted place and you will have to shell at least $4650 per night.Water Villas in Maldives1

Soneva Gili– The Private Reserve: At 15k square feet, this is the largest water villa on the planet. No wonder, you can put it down on your bucket list. Its per-night tariff can go up to $13,000. But money alone won’t fetch you a stay at this exotic place. You will need a lot of luck going in your favor as well. Getting it booked is a hard task since the demand for this 3-bedroomed villa is really high. But just in case the lady luck decides to smile on you, you may just know why they keep blabbering about luxury Maldives tour. The best way to describe this place would be to call it a ‘palace in the sea’.

Just in case you are not very rich and still had the audacity to read through this entire article (though we warned you not to) and are now feeling bad (as we knew you would), worry not! There are other cheaper water villas as well. You can book one of them under our international honeymoon tour. And these cheaper villas are not all that bad, believe us!