India-Bangkok Highway: Your Wife may do her grocery from Floating Market

When you plan a Thailand trip these days, you have to jostle hard for a ticket for the cheapest flights. Of course, there is no other plausible way to reach the country unless you develop wings and can fly on your own.

But if things fall into pieces, you may just find yourself driving all the way to Bangkok! Yup, we are not kidding (you know us, we hardly kid)!thailand tour package

A plan has been proposed according to which a highway shall be constructed which will link India (somewhere near Assam) directly to Bangkok. In between, the road shall pass through Myanmar which happens to be the skin-touch a neighbor of both India and Thailand.

Though there are several exciting popular places to go in Thailand, Myanmar’s tourism has never quite picked up. Given the fact that it is at such a close distance from India, it could well have been the place where our ancestors would have honeymooned. But it was not to be so! To be frank, the relations between India and Myanmar have been a little less than friendly, but this upcoming highway may just warm things a bit.thailand

If the highway comes into existence, we may also see a spot in the tourist count in Myanmar. Who knows that the Thailand tour packages from India may also include a short stay in Myanmar in the future?

The proposed project (the tri-national highway from India-Myanmar-Thailand) may be ready by 2015 or 2016. However, the plans are currently merely on paper and the way our sluggish administration works, there is a strong likelihood that the project may just get delayed or God forbid, may never quite materialize. Nevertheless, one should always stay positive and we are quite hopeful that by the end of 2015, we would be enjoying a long drive from India all the way to Bangkok. On the downside, that may increase your household expenses as your wife may insist on purchasing her yearly apparels and household furniture from Bangkok. In the worst case scenario, you may see her toying with the idea of doing her grocery shopping from Bangkok’s Floating Market, instead of your local ‘sabjee mandi’.Thailand Elephant Safari

Well, that is something which is not in our hands as a wife (especially an Indian wife) is programmed to cause agony to her henpecked ‘bechaara’ husband. But if the highway does come up, we can expect one swanky and beautiful road which would be clean, green and hopefully traffic-free.

Don’t forget to check all the possible ways to reach Thailand from India, before planning your Thailand trip.