Rishikesh, a holy city offering relaxing holidays to all

Rishikesh, a major holy city and the center of several outdoor action adventures, is one fine destination for spending holidays that are fun, relaxing, and memorable. Simply head to this amazing little city located in the foothills of the Himalayas and choose accommodations from the best hotels in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh, a popular destination in spiritual tourism in India, is a city, attracting large number of tourists, pilgrims, and adventure buffs. The city sits in the newly formed Uttarakhand state. Blessed with the priceless wealth of nature and aptly located in the fertile banks of the mightiest river in India, the Ganges, the city owns a long run association with religious tourism in India. An interesting fact about the city: in the February month of 1968 the popular band Beatles visited the city while they were on the way to visit the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. Their interest in India, the Maharishi, and ancient Indian Transcendental Meditation, changed the Western viewpoint of India, adding the nation in the western travelers list of places to visit. Nonetheless, spiritual tourism and adventure tourism are the two prime factors that push the economy in the city forward. Note that, the city is a complete alcohol-free city and has been declared a complete vegetarian city by the law.

The city is nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Himalayas and is one of the most revered holy cities in the country. Being a holy city naturally brings several religious beliefs and legends to the city. The name of the city comes from Lord Vishnu. Rishikesh is the other name of the god. At the meantime, the city also serves as the gateway for visiting the other holy destinations situated in the Himalayas. To name some include: Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Haridwar, and Badrinath.

A travel to this holy city will take you, the land where revered temples and religious sites exist in abundance. Saints and sages wearing saffron color cloths will mark your trip, and the main market lined with a variety of shops will make your trip memorable. The city is moderately modernized, with a net of roads connecting it from within and to the rest of the state. There exist a number of restaurants, lodges, and hotels in Rishikesh, most of which are equipped with modern amenities. Apart from these, there are increasing number of Yoga centers, making their way in the city. The city is conceived as the most ideal place to learn and practice Yoga, and for this fact Rishikesh is also referred as the World Capital of Yoga.

Rishikesh is not just limited to religious tourism. In fact, in the past few decades the city made prominence in terms of adventure tourism. River rafting, hiking, bungee jumping, kayaking, nature walks, and more, are the tempting allures of the city that today beckons adventure buffs from across the nation, visit the city. Finally, when in the city do not forget to shop for lovely souvenirs. The city is a hub for shopping and there are a wide variety of items to be bought in the markets of the city. Wooden Furniture, paintings, imitation jewelry, gems, and religious items are quite popular among the tourists.
Lodging in Rishikesh is something that doesn’t worry the tourists much. There are all types of hotels in Rishikesh belonging to different categories. Many of the cheap hotels in the city provide a satisfactory stay without going heavy on the wallet. If one’s trip is short-lived these are the hotels to go for. However, there also exist modern amenities replete luxury hotels that are better for those seeking better stay experience in the city. Besides, many of these also offer lucrative Rishikesh tour packages that are simply beneficial to the tourists. However, one needs to be careful while choosing one.