Dehradun: a city that symbolizes the Indian way of life

The capital of the newly formed Uttarakhand state, Dehradun is the very core of the encompassing state. It exists here where the headquarters of administration exist. Education, commerce, and health care are the major parameters of Dehradun. It was during the era of the British and subsequently in the past few decades, when major developments were made in the city. The amount of the growth that the city made can be measured in every aspect and today, it arguably ranks first in the list of next target place that are best for industrialisation in the our country. However, it is the cultural heritages and the irreplaceable monuments of the past, owning immense importance to the city and the locals. Dehradun for the onlookers is a city where lies the perfect amalgamation of the old with the new.

The essence of the old world, the British Raj, and the medieval era still roams in the streets of the city. Two of the largest and highly revered rivers in India, namely Ganges and Yamuna make their way pass through the city. The picturesque and abundant landscapes of the city make it a perfect place to rejuvenate and relish the best of nature. Dehradun, for its commercial significance is seeing immigrants in huge counts  migrating to the city. Today, it is the prime location of migration for the locals of nearby towns and regions.

The prestigious educational institutions, which produced and still show huge waves of well qualified students every year, mark the city. What’s more, the fact that the city is     evenly dotted with temple of high reverence, makes it a must visit destinations for tourists with spiritual inclination. As mentioned afore, the city is the land through which pass two mightiest rivers namely Ganges and Yamuna. This very simple fact is sufficient enough to make the city highly revered among the Hindus. Besides, there are a few Gurudwaras and churches dotting the city.

Nonetheless, Dehradun is also an ideal place for holidaying. Simply relaxing and spending a day doing nothing. Or, can indulge in activities like sightseeing, go nature-walking, gusto tantalizing North Indian cuisines and international delicacies, relish the pleasures of modernization and spend a memorable vacation with family, spouse, or friends. The city is full of buildings that are remarkable in terms of history, architecture, and politics in the nation, and are praised for the fact. In addition, beautifying the city are its well maintained parks that provide the city worn tourists and locals with the place to relax and take a break.

It is sensible that one spends four to five days exploring the attractions of Dehradun. The attractions are available in magnitude and exploring all usually takes days. There is no hard and fast rule for the ideal time to visit the city, and one may find tourists in the streets and places of interest throughout the year. Simply schedule your trip accordingly, pick the suitable Dehradun tour packages, and head to the city for a memorable holiday.

The prominent places to visit in Dehradun include: Mindrolling Monastery, The Gurkha Fort, Sahastradhara, Ram Rai Darbar, Clock Tower, Jagannath temple, RIMC, The Museum, Robber’s Cave and Ram Rai Darbar. The frequent Delhi to Dehradun and Mumbai to Dehradun flights makes it easy to reach the city. Dehradun boasts of the excellent connectivity that is has with the rest of the nation. Besides the flight, there are frequent trains and buses running to and from the city.

Dehradun is also a great place for the shoppers. Paltan Bazaar, Ashley hall areas, and Rajpur Road are the best places from where one can buy anything and everything that he’s looking for. The Paltan Bazaar in the most popular market place in the city and is lined with various interesting shops. Besides, it is here where lay several good hotels in Dehradun with a tariff that are best fit for the travelers with budgeted-wallets.