Relaxing in the serene, quietude replete city of Chikmagalur

The bewitching attractions of Chikmagalur are simply irresistible. It is a beautiful city located in the state of Karnataka and is a popular tourist town. The town is replete of attractions belonging to the past and the present. It is also a city that never fails to charm its visitors with its great culture. Head to the city to explore every attraction of it. For accommodations there are plenty of good hotels in Chikmagalur to choose from.chikmagalur tour

Chikmagalur is a small hill town in the state of Karnataka. It is most known for its home-grown coffee, certainly amongst the best coffees in India. Besides, the town is also popular for being a perfect hideaway from the chaos of typical busy life. The town is located at an altitude of 1894 km above the sea, and is a region that is capped by dense greenery. Nature blooms at its best in the verdant hills of the town giving the excellent opportunity for the wildlife to sustain and flourish. Chikmagalur is also a district, with the headquarters settled in the town.

From Bangalore, which is the capital city of the encompassing state, Chikmagalur is about 250 km away. Besides, Bangalore airport is the second closest airport to Chikmagalur. The nearest airport is in Mangalore and is about 170 km away. There are taxis and buses available from Mangalore to the hill town. To be precise the roads are the only medium to reach the quaint hill town. Meanwhile, the good thing is that the roads are driver-friendly. Plus, the roads to to the town are heavenly. Except monsoon and some days in winters, heading the town by road is very favorable. It is so because the temperature in the town remains lovely, almost throughout the year. Besides, driving during rainy seasons and monsoons can get dangerous because of the heavy rainfall and mists.chikmagalur city tour

A good to know fact about the hill town, before the town started to get recognized with its current name, it was called Kadur. But it was following the independence of India, in 1947 the town was given the name Chikmagalur. The name fits perfectly to the town because it is believed that the city was given away as dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangada, who then was the chief Sakrepatna of the region. Additionally, the meaning of word Chikmagalur is younger daughter’s town. Due to its natural wealth, temperature, and strategic location the city was ruled by many kings and rulers. The beautiful structures and monuments that they built are today the mute testimonies of their glorious past. The city is brimming with ancient monuments, structures, and temples. If one is inclined towards history and medieval architecture of India, the city is a must in chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is also home to the highest peak in the state of Karnataka. The peak is called Mullayanagiri and is a popular tourist attraction. It is perfect for photography and relaxing in the lap of nature. It is perhaps the most sought-after tourist spot in the hill town as the site other being an excellent spot for sightseeing, is also a popular trekking site. The good thing is that the peak is easily accessible. Meanwhile, there are some good hotels in Chikmagalur that include Mullayanagiri in their itinerary of sightseeing services.hebbe falls in chikmagalur

Another interesting tourist site in the vicinity of the town that is a must check before winding up the tour is the Hebbe Falls. It is a heavenly waterfall that can be divided into two parts, primarily the big falls called Dodda Hebbe and small falls called Chikka Hebbe. The water rushes down from 551 ft height, making gusting sound. Taking pictures is a popular activity here. Besides, travelers also like to trek to the place and its neighboring areas.
Simply put Chikmagalur is a beautiful city that one will easily fall in love with. It is an interesting city where the nature, history, culture, and tradition come together to form a majestic city. Head to the city to experience it for real. For accommodations there are plenty of options available, of which the cheap hotels in Chikmagalur are popular choices.