Reasons to Visit the Garden City of Lights, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the alluring capital of Malaysia is loaded with amazing attractions. But that alone is not the reason why you have to visit this astonishment-filled city, there are dozens other reasons to justify your visit to this metro city.

Reason 1 – Friendliest city.

Feeling at home while vacationing in an alien nation or city would restrict your joy, but K.L. is such a friendly city where you will never feel like a stranger.
The city is a multi-cultured hub so you can find Asian faces, Chinese inhabits, and blacks and whites from Western nations as well, so no one is going to mind or stare at you. Mix up with the residents of the city and enjoy thoroughly.
The vendors, the taxi drivers and the staffs in the hotel also behave genuinely, so you can feel at home and continue your tour without further bothering.

Reason 2 – Cheap accommodation.

As K.L. is located in the mid of the map, there are tourists coming from various continents north to south and west to east. As a result of huge tourist crowd there are many bed and breakfast hotels where one can accommodate at his affordability.
Many family friendly hotels like the Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur charge a little rental comparatively but provide a competitive service and amenities. Right from a pool to a fitness gym, or from a coffee shop to a multi-cuisine restaurant everything is included within the hotel complex.
Hostel type accommodations are also possible to locate in many parts of the town where backpackers can stay for just a few dollars.

Reason 3 – Gratify all audience

Kuala Lumpur has a diverse range of attractions and activities that would satisfy various nature of people.
There are parks and gardens scattered everywhere in the city. So people who seek calm and blissful environment can access these green rugged floors to relax peacefully.
There are amusement parks and crazy rides and game centers located in the heart of the city. Those who expect fun and frolic can login to such places and rock the day. Kids would love to try these amusing stuffs.
Pilgrim tourists can visit the popular shrines, mosques and Buddhist temples in the city and quench their devotional thirst.
Adventure activities, bike tours, market tours and a number of tours are organized by the operators, where you can enjoy and explore the real K.L.
There are absolute chances for partying tonight! Clubs and DJ’s are there in all the areas, so dance tonight sipping your favorite drink.

Reason 4 – Massive shopping and eating fun

Little India, Chinatown, night markets, street markets, shopping malls, specialty stores and super markets make the shopping literally enjoyable and unforgettable.
Clothing, tailor-made outfits and particularly jeans and t-shirts can be bought for low cost. Accessories like cap, hat, belt and a plenty of trending-now accessories are in deed available here. Though they quote high price for tourists, it can be cleverly tackled by bartering.
Paintings, pottery, plastic goods and small to huge souvenirs can be bought for a cheap cost. You can buy gifts to everyone at home without worrying about the cost as all stuffs are priced low in the night markets
Night markets are famous for ready-to-eat foodstuffs. These recipes are tasty to eat, they are safe, at the same time cheap as well.
Try tasting all the traditional dishes of the city! It’s awesome however.