Must Try Rajasthani Cuisines on Your Trip to Rajasthan

All Indian states come with some specialties and traditional dishes. In fact, the royal kitchens of Rajasthan come with great varieties of delicacies that can tempt any taste bud. Cooking in Rajasthan is said to be an art that is utilized to win the hearts of your loved ones. In the majestic palaces of this princely state, hundreds of cooks used to work to prepare delicious recipes that could delight every taste bud. You can come across several stories and tales which suggest that how these cooks used to please their guests by serving them at least one delicious item.

Rajasthani Cuisine is usually very rich in taste and contains really high spice element in compare to other Indian recipes. Prepared with lesser water and reasonable use of milk, butter and Ghee, Rajasthani food is truly scrumptious in tastes. In fact, it is recognized for its spice curries and delicious sweets. Offering a rich texture and mouthwatering aroma, it lures the visitors. Rajasthani Cuisine has its own style that matches with the natural climate conditions of this dessert land. There is always scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables. So, most of the Rajasthani dishes are prepared with lentils, buttermilk, beans and gram flour using a complex and exquisite methodology. Sweet dishes are the main specialty of a complete Rajasthani meal as this state offers a variety of sweets.

If you get an opportunity to become the guest of a Rajasthani family, never ignore it. Trying out delicious Rajasthani cuisines is an experience especially when it is served by following the traditional etiquettes.

Some Popular Rajasthani Dishes are:

Daal, Baati & Churma:


Daal is basically mixed lentils and pressure cooked after adding some spices. Baati is baked wheat balls which are prepared after kneading firm dough of wheat flour, gram flour, salt, milk and ghee and baking them. Churma is a sweet dish prepared by frying wheat flour & semolina together in small amount of ghee on low flame.

Gatte ki Sabji:


Gatte is sabji is basically a curry prepared using gram flour. Firstly, you need to knead soft dough of gram flour, ghee, cumin powder and salt. Then make small cylindrical shapes of it and drop them into boiling water. Remove them once they start floating. Cut these and deep fry it. Make gravy using curd, tomato and other Indian spices of your choice. Add the fried Gatte once the gravy starts boiling.


Ghewar is a famous sweet dish made with all-purpose flour and ghee. Its preparation method is really tricky and tough to follow for a common man.


Lapsi is a sweet dish prepared with Dalia by sautéing in ghee and boiling it in milk and then sweetened.

There are several Rajasthani specialties that you should definitely try while holidaying. Like forts and palaces of Rajasthan, Rajasthani dishes are also going to amaze you with their sheer richness. So, don’t forget to try them during your visit.