Best Places To Visit in Oman

Perfectly located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman (officially known as the Sultanate of Oman) is a beautiful country in the Middle East region. Its strategic location provides a wide range of tourist attractions which attracts a number of tourists every year. Right from the rugged mountains to picturesque beaches to remarkable desert escapes to modern and fast-growing capital city, Muscat, Oman is enticing for a traveler in every way. If you wish to visit this beautiful country, read on to this article and know more about its best places you shouldn’t miss a visit to.

Muscat CityBest Places To Visit in Oman1

Muscat is the largest city, official centre and capital of Oman. As per history, the city was officially taken over as Oman’s capital by Hamad bin Said from Rustaq during 1779-1992, and since then, has never been contested. Presently, this ruling city is working under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. This beautiful capital city of Oman is sited near the Arabian Sea along with the Gulf of Oman and in the proximity of the strategic Straits of Hormuz. Besides all, combining classic industrial infrastructure with perfect unification of heritage is its uniqueness.

Nizwa CastleNizwa Castle

Located amidst the green spread of date palms and blissful natural environs of Nizwa town, it is an icon of Oman’s rich and long history. Nizwa town was known to be the capital of Oman in the 17th century (during the sovereignty of Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al-Ya’arubi). In fact, according to the historic evidences, the Nizwa castle was built and used as the headquarters by the king during that time. This magnificent castle exhibits as a perfect example of Omani architectural creativity and design. The central tower is one of the most astonishing structures of this castle. This has a diameter of 150-feet-diameter with soaring height of over 115 feet and provides spectacular view of this beautiful Nizwa town.

Wahiba Sands

Whenever you hear the word “Middle East”, the first thing come to mind is the arid desert area. So, while you are in Oman how you can miss a trip to desert region. So, for those who are looking for romantic getaways or short weekend, the Wahiba Sands are ideal. Also referred to as Ash-Sharqiyah Sands, Wahiba Sands is one of the most popular desert regions in Oman. The beautiful sand dunes emits contrasting colors from deep red to rich honey will not only entice you but keep you amazed with the marvels of nature. The Sands are sprawling up to 180 Km from north to south and 80 Km from east to west.


Situated about 200 km to the north of Muscat, Sohar is another most developed city of the Sultanate of Oman. Earlier, it was a capital of Oman and used as a significant Islamic port. However, many people believe that the famous sailor, Sindbad was born here. Besides, the city of Sohar is best known for its copper deposits and archaeological evidence which proves that copper extraction used to be carried оut 5000 years ago. This beautiful town still operates three copper mines with over 18 million tonnes of copper deposits. Apart from ancient copper mines and archeological excavations, its clean and safe beaches are another reason that attracts a large number of tourists.