Rafting in the Holy Water of India in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is an important destination for adventure lovers in India. There are a lot of interesting activities in Rishikesh like trekking, mountain climbing and others. One of the very famous tourist activities is the river rafting on the river Ganges. This activity is just for those who want high degree of adrenaline rush and is available only in the rainy season and early winter season.


A raft is a large thick rubber boat like structure with paddles. A minimum of four members should be in a raft. The speed of the river would accelerate the raft and you can paddle to steer the raft.

Type of Rafting

The type of rafting in Ganges depends on the length of the course. There is 26 km course, 35 km course and even smaller ones. Rafter should choose the length of the course depending on their experience in rafting. There are courses for first time rafters too. Hardcore rafters can take 150 km rafting experience from Rudraprayag to Rishikesh. The best tourist rafting course is the small course from Tehri to Shivpuri. The serene scenery would relax you and the rafting would excite you. If you are looking for a six hour rafting with scenic element, choose the route from Kaudiyala to Shivpuri. Starters can choose Harsil to Uttarkashi route also.

Tour Packages

There are a lot of tour packages that focuses on river rafting. The tour would focus mainly on rafting and maybe a few other tourist attractions. These packages are provided by companies who would take care of registering and other process of rafting. If you are up for this type of package, there are a lot of options for you to pick from.


The cost of rafting depends on the package you choose and also the route you opt for. It can vary from 850 rupees per person to 2000 rupees per person. The rate also changes with season.


Always heed to every safety instruction given to you. Always wear your safety jacket. Any person with medical problem related to heart, brain, mental disorder or others should not try this activity. This activity is strictly not for pregnant women, children and senior citizens.