Art for the Soul: Best Art Galleries of Delhi

The seat of the Indian government and the biggest city in India, New Delhi is additionally home to a lively contemporary art scene. In the most recent years, New Delhi has seen an engaging rise in new art galleries, as well as art fairs and shows, drawing in worldwide enthusiasm for the Indian art market. The Delhi contemporary art scene is on an all time high, and therefore, we bring to you the most alluring galleries in the city, that are food for the soul of avid artists as well as amateurs.

If you love your canvas and color palette a lot more than your life, or, if you are involuntarily attracted to an art piece, then buddy, you are one true art addict for whom Delhi has some special art treatment in store. Get aboard that Raipur to Delhi train, and once in Delhi, feel free to explore that artistic side of the world. You have a host of options to choose from!

  1. Delhi Art Gallery (DAG)

One of the most sought after art galleries in New Delhi, the Delhi Art Gallery concentrates on showcasing an assortment of twentieth century Indian fine arts. Began in 1993, the exhibit claims to be a standout amongst the most thorough accumulations of Indian modern art. From early-moderns to current fine arts, from the most early works including divine beings and goddesses to advanced, politically-connected with workmanship, from the oldest British painters and Bengal School of Art, to the Progressive Artists Group and the known painters of today, the accumulation covers the whole history of modern day craftsmanship in India.

2. National Gallery of Modern Art

This lovely place, situated close to India Gate is home to a perfectly curated accumulation of modern arts. In case you’re apprehensive about running into rarely seen artworks, that you do not get to see that often, then don’t fret, for the gallery encourages innovation of thought, retreating to even 150 years—so we can value that specialists we now know and love were once viewed as modern, as well.

3. Exhibit 320

Situated in the heart of Lado Sarai, the experimental art space Exhibit 320 shows contemporary artworks from India and the subcontinent. Concentrating on new methods for creative expressions and visual discourse, especially through utilization of new mediums, the gallery serves as a presentation space as well as a meeting point for craftsmen, students and essentially art lovers. The exhibit is an initiative to find and encourage the new contemporary specialists, and also promising basic talk and dynamic expressions through different courses, addresses, and talks.

4. Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Venture into the chambers of Kiran Nadar, a private curator who made this space to share his most beloved models of art to the world on the loose. “Large” may well be the exhibit’s main theme, since it is currently home to Subodh Gupta’s exceptional piece, Line of Control—a 36-feet-high, 26-ton stainless steel establishment initially transported from London, across numerous lines of control.

5. Photoink

The dazzling exhibitions at Photoink will never go out of style. Splendidly curated for idea as much as for technique, this display showcases works of Indian and global photographers from varied interests, both creative and editorial. The gallery was revamped in a much better, and greater space in November 2014.