Pondicherry – the perfect destination for a serene experience amidst the palms and the sea

Pondicherry offers a great respite from the humdrums of daily life and snarls of the city. This vacation, visit Pondicherry for a nice time in this former French settlement and bask in the beauty of sublime coastal picturesqueness. Read on.

Best time to Visit

A holiday trip during the winters can be more exciting than a vacation taken during the summers. In winters you do not have to worry about the heat and hence your choices in tourist destinations become much larger. You can spend an enjoyable time at beaches or indulge in some winter sports in the hills. A safari through a national park is also an experience in itself during this season. As the weather is turning misty and the air nippy, it is time to plan a holiday trip and hit the road for a memorable time with dear ones. But when it comes to deciding the destination, there comes the dilemma of choosing an ideal place. With more choices available to you, the confusion might make it hard to decide. So, here is a cool choice for you for your upcoming holiday – Pondicherry. This former French town is the perfect place for a worthwhile outing. Its coastal setting and quaint setting are something that you can embrace with all the high spirit without having to brood much. There are plenty of hotels in Pondicherry which means there is a nice range of hotels from luxury to economy. You can book a room in advance and arrive with the minimum fuss. You can reach Pondicherry by train, bus or flight, depending upon the distance and the time you have. Pondicherry is well connected to Chennai by the rail network.

Shri Aurobindo Ashram

The most popular place around Pondicherry to explore is a Shri Aurobindo Ashram. This is a place for spiritual seekers. It is a perfect place for finding some peace away from the chaos of city life. Aurobindo Ashram has a library, art gallery, bakery, guest houses, and much more. You would have a great time at this ashram which showcases the beliefs and teaching of Aurobindo himself.


Dedicated to Aurobindo, there is this place called Auroville in Pondicherry, It is built exclusively and has a great architecture. Auroville means the city of dawn. From 44 countries, a total of around two thousand people lives here in this small community city. The city is a great symbol of peace and harmony and the residents practice it in their everyday lives as well. Auroville was designed by French architect Roger Anger.


Immaculate Conception Cathedral is the next attraction to visit in Pondicherry. It took a long time to build this place and it is a nice example of craftsmanship as it is evident from its exquisite architecture. It is locally known as Samba Kovil and was visited by Mother Teresa as well.


Promenade Beach

Like Mumbai this stretch of palm-lines, coastal stretch too is a great place for breathing in refreshing air and viewing the seascape. Studded with black rocks along the edges, Promenade Beach is an amazing site for recreation with your dear ones or just alone. Take a walk, drink coconut water or view the open and wide horizon and the sea under it. Just perfect sight for anyone.