Mysore – a Stupendous Diamond in the Indian Treasure

The city of Mysore is an ornament of the Indian state of Karnataka. Talk of royalty, grandeur, and regal legacy, and Mysore is jaded with them all. The palaces, culture and the rich heritage of Mysore are reminiscent of its majestic past. Talking of palaces in this section, know more about the regal properties of the royalty that are the pride of Mysore today.

Mysore is also known as the Palace City of India, with its very own Mysore Palace is the most visited place in the country. Yes, even more than the Qutub Minar or the pretty Taj Mahal! Well, no wonder that the New York Times touted Mysore as one of the 30 must visit places on the Earth.

Mysore Palace


This majestic edifice was once the house of the royal family of Mysore, and also held the important royal offices in it. The Mysore Palace is just 10 minutes away from the railway station and hardly 20 minutes from the Mysore Airport. One of the most visited sites in India, the Mysore Palace looks breathtakingly beautiful when illuminated on Sundays and public holidays. Entry into the palace premises is not free and is prohibited with shoes on. Do not, by any chance, miss visiting it.

Lalitha Mahal Palace

Being the finest heritage hotels in Mysore today, the Lalitha Mahal was built by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV as a residence for the then Viceroy of India. It was later converted into a hotel in 1974, and since then it carries on with the royal aura. For those planning to splurge on their stay, grab the Viceroy Suite of this hotel.

Royal Orchid Metropole

The Royal Orchid Metropole was built as a house to hold important meetings with the English guests. Later, it too was converted into a hotel, and continues to be one of the best hotels in Mysore.

Jaganmohan Palace

This marvel in white was built by the Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III as an alternate residence for the royal Wodeyar family, when the Mysore Palace burned down to ashes in a terrible fire accident. The Jaganmohan Palace is built in traditional Hindu architectural style with intricate details and has an amazing collection of artifacts and paintings by Raja Ravi Varma. Therefore, the art gallery of this palace is a major attraction for tourists. Photography and cameras aren’t allowed inside.

Green Hotel

Originally known as the Chittaranjan Palace, the Green Hotel used to serve as the residence of the princesses of Mysore. The palace was later converted to a hotel and is a part of the sustainable tourism initiative by the government. Therefore, the name.

Mysore is oozing with a lot more that still remains unveiled to the world. Go ahead and explore. Look for great tourist circuits to Mysore on the website of the Indian Railway for added benefits and elaborate details about the important structures in the city. Au revoir!