Pondicherry – A French Colony in India

Pondicherry is known as one of the top shoreline destinations in India, where individuals make a trek the distance from the opposite side of India to be here. Be that as it may, Pondicherry, rather than the routine suspecting, is not just about its shorelines. There is a solid French influence in the city, particularly in the old quarters, with Rues and Boulevards lined with Mediterranean style houses and pastry shops, in spite of the fact that the city remains all that much Indian. The very motivation behind why French is still comprehended by local people and the entire city makes for a rather wonderful blend of East and West.


Bistros and pastry shops reverberate a pariah mood as the menu, inside style and building structure of these spots are all French impacted. This impact has been rubbed in since the season of pioneer principle, making Pondicherry a remarkable ordeal for someone. Pondicherry is surely flourishing in the tourism area in South India. Individuals from all over come over for a taste of this lovely place. People normally come in by train or by bus after arriving in a nearby city as the airport only caters to Bangalore to Pondicherry flights.

Pondicherry, one cannot simply ignore the beautiful beaches of Pondicherry and leave without paying a visit. You may not necessarily go to the beaches at night to party, but the sunset at some of the popular beaches in Pondicherry is considered a sight incomparable to any other. The serene magnificence in front of your eyes and the sounds of the waves hitting the shores with a nice platter of seafood is how you spend a nice evening in Pondicherry. The shacks are set up along the shore, especially during the peak seasons where one could buy some alcohol or gorge themselves in freshly made seafood mostly over an open fire or grill.

Along with beaches, one can find temples, churches and other historical monuments. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the must visit place which is a spiritual community by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. The ashram Contains an art gallery, dairy, farms, a printing press, bakery etc. Another attraction is Auroville which is also founded by Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa. You can find the holy place of Basilica of the sacred heart of Jesus here which is the famous pilgrimage for the Christians in India. If you are a religious heart then must not forgot the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple which is considered the oldest Hindu temple in Pondicherry.

Being a Union Territory, the cost of basic items there is low compared to other parts of India. Liquor is cheap and a pint of beer is as cheap as a soft drink of the same quantity. Spirits are cheaper than anywhere in India and you can get a decent scotch and single malt whiskey at unbelievable prices. Food is also fresh and cheap, especially fish. The preparation is clean, simple and tasty. You can also retire in one the shacks along the shore, which offer great cheap accommodation facilities. Pondicherry is the favorite getaway destination of people from Chennai and dozens of Chennai to Pondicherry cabs go to and from on a daily basis.