3 top Places to visit in Vijayawada

Vijayawada instantly brings to mind to mouthwatering sweets, the beautiful springs and the juicy mangoes. Also famous by the name of Bezawada, the city is situated on the banks of the River Krishna, and it overlooks the Bay of Bengal. Here are a few places in and around Vijayawada, which cannot be missed.


Kanaka Durga Temple:

This famous temple is situated in the Vijayawada and is the most common crowd puller. This amazingly picturesque temple is located right on top of the majestic Indrrakiladri Hills and is dedicated to Goddess Kanaka Durga. These hills offer beautiful views of the city. To reach the temple, there are mainly two routes, which are pretty difficult and tiring. You can drive up the hilly Ghat Road. There are various ancient inscriptions along both routes, which reveal ancient stories. The local legend has it that Arjuna, the warrior from Mahabharata, received his powerful weapon at this very site and on receiving the weapon; he built a thanksgiving temple to honor the Goddess.



This is a small town nestled on the banks the River Krishna, which is roughly 30 kms from Vijayawada. It has much historical significance. Amravati used to be the main site of a very ancient Buddhist settlement that was called Chintapalli. It is said that the stupa located here is bigger than the Sanchi Stupa. It was built back in the 3rd century during the kingdom of Ashoka the great. At each of its cardinal points, it has a gateway. While the stupa is no longer still there, the reconstruction of one of the gateways was done. The inscriptions on the gateway throw light on the life of Buddha. Amravati also has a small museum, which has collections spanning from the 3rd to the 12 century AD. One of the images of Gautama Buddha shows a lotus symbol on his feet with tight curls and long earlobes.  The museum is a fascinating one.


Bhavani Island:

Spanning over an area of nearly 130 acres, the Bhavani Islands is a beautiful river island, which offers a refreshing escape from the hectic pace of city life. It is a great place to relax and rest and lose yourself in the well-maintained gardens, the mangroves, the Rolling Meadows, the shimmering water and the pristine woodlands. Over the years, this has evolved as a popular picnic spot where people from the nearby areas come with their little ones to spend some quality family time. Located in the Krishna River, this island is very close in proximity to Prakasam Barrage. The tourism of Andhra Pradesh has included boating facilities to enable tourists an adventure in the water. They also have a few swimming pools, which are clean and very well maintained by the officials. Also available are a few water sports like angling and fishing.