Over view of China- What to see in China

China is a real wonderful world to be visited, absolutely! You do not really get bored during a Chinese holiday. Historic sites, landscapes and cities to visit are endless. Upon landing in China, you will surely not miss the beautiful city of Beijing (Peking).

It combines wonderfully tradition, culture and modernity, with its many temples, palaces and imperial gardens, etc. . . Beijing is a real tourist paradise, internationally recognized, which has modern facilities in international class. Not far from Beijing, the legendary Great Wall of China will reveal an architectural genius dating from antiquity. Plan to get there when you make your holiday in! You may be seen from the moon. This huge building is in fact the only human work visible from space. The Imperial Palace is a Chinese attraction that will not leave you unmoved. Indeed, this palace also known as the Forbidden City covers a wide range of traditional Chinese architectures that do not fail to amaze. And this is the case for many other sites namely the Summer Palace, the ruins of Yuanmingyuan, or the Beijing Zoo, etc.. Over view of China- What to see in China

In China, you will find original solutions for accommodation. You have the choice between the most luxurious hotels and the most original houses in a unique panoramic wealth in the world.

The Chinese culture is rich and diverse, able to charm any established explorers looking for an exotic destination. China, with its large area, offers many attractions. Big cities like Hong Kong or Shanghai invite the traveler to enjoy a modern infrastructure, others like Sanya, contain beautiful beaches in a climate tropical. But the culture of the country is even more opulent.

Chinese cuisine varies by province visited, honoring the noodle and rice, but also crustaceans fish and finally tea and traditional rice wine. Chinese food is made before creating a spiritual and physical balance; maintain the harmony of one who tastes it .China awaits you with its cuisine, which is exported so that you knew without doubt. Come immerse yourself in the culinary source of seafood including fried shrimp, eel, white flavored chicken, mushrooms in oil, oysters, turtle meat, the roasted pig etc..

China is a country where ancient customs and religions coexisting smoothly. Taoism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity and Confucianism are some of the most widely practiced religions by locals. Many temples remain therefore in cities, some dating back hundreds of years, destroyed and rebuilt over time. Buddhist temples stand on them in the mountains, far from human restlessness.

Among the many traditional Chinese festivals, the Lantern Festival, the closing ceremony of the Chinese New Year, is one of the most appreciated traditional paper lanterns are launched into the heavens once dark, illuminating the city. Originally, this practice was supposed to be appeasing anger of the god Zhu Rong, the god of fire.China is a fascinating country to the western traveler, as it is a perfect immersion that combines modernity and tradition. And to travel successfully in China, kindly visit site http://minhanhvoyage.com/en/voyage-chine.html and also to discover everything you need to know about South China Tour options