Top 5 nightclubs in the exciting city of Mumbai

It is still debatable on whether Goa or Mumbai has the best nightlife in India. While both have its own charm, Goa is seasonal. Mumbai’s nightlife scene is prevalent all throughout the year. Mumbai is more exclusive and expensive, while in Goa since it is cheap, you find people from all walks of life. People from the nearby cities visit Mumbai on the weekend to party their socks off. Check the Surat to Mumbai train timetable and you will find that it is packed on Fridays.


When you think nightlife in India, the first city that comes to mind is Mumbai! And rightly so, because the city has so much to offer in terms of nightlife. Mumbai, from its pubs, cafe-bars, resto-lounges and nightclubs offer so much in the department of fun that knows no end. Youngsters studying and working in nearby cities, especially Surat, visit Mumbai on weekends as Surat comes under Gujarat, which is a dry state and there is no presence of nightclub or fun whatsoever in the city. These kids keep having the Surat to Mumbai train timetable by hearted and plan the trip accordingly to have the time of their lives.


Mumbai has a host of exclusive nightclubs and normal nightclubs open for all. Here is a list of all types of nightclubs in no particular order.



tryst mumbai

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Tryst is a place to look forward to if you have come to Mumbai loaded and ready to spend after you have heard all about the much talked nightlife of the city. The moment you enter the club you will be greeted by beautiful LED lights placed beautiful all over the walls and ceilings of the room. The VIP section is the ultimate experience and will surely leave a big hole in your wallet but is an experience worth paying for if you want to experience the ultimate world class VIP treatment in a nightclub. You will be given a personalized butler and a table with your name displayed on the screen which also shows the customized menu for the night. You can also receive personal messages in the screen.


Blue Frog

blue frog


The place that revolutionized live music in a pub scene for Mumbai. Although the live music scene was pretty much prevalent in Delhi before the launch of this place in Mumbai, it was a big risk for the owners of this pub to make this place a live entertainment centre, unsure if the Mumbaikars would get the drift of it since the city was all about dancing the beats and less about sitting down appreciating good music. Today the place is a big hit in the city with everything from indie to pop music performed every other night and some standups here and there. Although the prices of drinks are slightly expensive than usual, it makes up for that with killer burgers and steaks!



hype club

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Hype was one of the first luxury nightclubs in Mumbai. During its launch in December 2009, it was the most expensive nightclub. It boasts of being expensive and exclusive, with exclusive alcohol, exclusive decor and most importantly, exclusive clientele.



aer bar

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The breathtakingly beautiful rooftop bar at the four seasons hotel in Mumbai, this place is set up in the 34th floor, giving us a whole panoramic view of the majestic city. This place is beautiful during the day but even more beautiful at night when the LED lights in the place are turned on and the whole surrounding city is lit up and the lights from the far skylines produces an immaculate view.



trilogy club

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The multi-level nightclub greets you with a ceiling of numerous lights looking down on you like stars. Level one of the club has leather couches, seats and a wooden bar. Climb for to the second level and you will be greeted with a humongous dancefloor and if you arrived late, there will already be at least few dozens of people already dancing. There is a smoking room on the side. Trilogy is one of the best place to visit to shake it off!


You can arrive and leave the city without any hassle after thoroughly experiencing the city. It is incredibly accessible and you need not look for the nearest railway station to Mumbai as you can get anything from flights, trains, buses and taxis in the city.