5 Aspects that Make Bangalore an Ideal City to Reside

South India’s Silicon Valley and development hub, Bangalore surpasses the other metro cities, and has gotten the name of the best city in India to live in, as demonstrated by the reports of a general study. While Delhi and Mumbai have moreover kept up their statuses constantly, Bangalore has succeeded and made new accomplishments. There are various reasons behind people to consider Bangalore the best city in India.


To reach or to leave from Bangalore, there are various options of commuting open. So for instance, you are searching for train availability from Bangalore to Chennai, then it is simply a question of few clicks on the internet, and you are sorted! Easy approachability is also one of the major reasons that makes this city the most prominent and most sought after city to settle in, as indicated by occupants, inhabitants and individuals who once lived in here.

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Weather to Die For!

The most charming part of Bangalore which reliably attracts people from other cities is its weather. It is a result of its geological territory, 3000 feet above sea level that nobody ever felt the need of using air conditioners at low temperatures in their homes till date. In the morning, it would be a splendid sunny atmosphere, however the best part is, no sweating. Regardless, around night time, you will feel the nippy breeze in your room, as if you are snoozing in some hill station. As per occupants, it’s far unrivaled than any other hill station in South India.


Epic Nightlife

While Mumbai takes pride in having the name of “The City that Never Sleeps”, Bangalore takes pride in its bars. It was an interesting issue all over the web few years back, indicating that the people of Bangalore sleep sooner than those in Mumbai. Yet, the mushrooming night bars and pubs in Bangalore describe an absolutely different story. Likewise, the city is way more superior to Delhi and Mumbai, and here, we aren’t kidding!


Women Safety

Although, it wouldn’t be a very perfect statement to call Bangalore a completely safe city for women, yet it is way more secure than various urban ranges of India. According to various late night studies, Bangalore positions third in being the most secure city of India and a friendlier city for outside nationals as well.


Living without Paying a Bomb!

Living in Bangalore is frantically cheap. A normal expense for essential things in Bangalore is around $500 USD/month, including rent, nightlife, fooding, travel, and so on. A normal house rent is $200/month, a maid comes for $20/month and it’s the same for a full time culinary domestic help. In case you have a budget of of $750 USD/month, then buddy, you can bear on a better than average individual here. Blaze through $1000+ and you will live the life of a king here. Bangalore, we are coming!


An Epicurean’s Paradise

Food frames a basic part of every cosmopolitan city, that a huge segment of the overall public quest for. In Bangalore, food is out of the world. So in case you swear by food 24/7, then you can fill your tummy in excess while in Bangalore.

So think no more. The nearest railway station to Bangalore is Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna. Book your tickets fast and get your living arrangements planned. You will fall in love with Bangalore!