5 Must-Do Things in Perth

When an adventurous tourist thinks of traveling Australia, it’s the breathtaking outback part of the country that draws them in. Yet, it’s a fact that the country has a lot more on offer for its visitors from all across the globe. Regardless of what makes it a perfect holiday for you, this amazing country has it all – the wonders of nature, the charm of old heritage and cultural sites, calmness of the beaches and elegance of world-class modern architectures.

While hiding out in the west, Perth is a must-visit destination. The largest city of Western Australia, Perth is a perfect spot for travelers looking for relaxing yet exciting holidays. The locals here will make you feel home away from home. And like other tourist hotspots of Australia, Perth too has taste-tingling seafood, great cultural diversity and magnificent landscapes. And as the summer months are approaching there is plenty to get involved with outdoors so make sure to check out this outdoors guide to Perth for some inspiration..

Visiting Perth for the first time? Here are 5 things you must experience while in this dynamic city of the wonderland Australia.

Enjoy Horseback riding

Don’t get afraid if you had never tried this before. It’s an amazing experience and Western Australia is one of the best places on earth to enjoy horseback riding excursion. With heart stopping landscapes, poster-perfect countryside, spectacular beaches, and very reasonably priced campervan rentals, Perth offers a memorable horse-riding experiencing.

Go on a Gastronomy tour

The country is world-famous for its top-quality wines and great food. There are many gourmands’ temples worth visiting. Local produce like cheese are offered all across the city of Perth and its surroundings. Get your Aussie campervan hire Perth booked before you arrive in the city and get around the city, uncovering its unrivaled culinary heritage at your own pace.

Honour the Culture

It’s doesn’t take more time to get to the bushlands from the Perth city center. While the outback of the country portrays a more laid-back lifestyle, Perth has emerged as a dynamic metropolis that promotes cultural diversity through art performances, music, visual art scenes, handcrafted items and friendly locals. Visit a local bar, shop in a local market and mingle with the locals for the best cultural scenes.

Dive underwater

Perth is home to the pristine waters of the Swan River. Board a cruise for the most panoramic views of the city. And adventurous souls can head down to the iconic Nigaloo Reef for underwater excursions. Watching the incredible marine life here is indeed an experience of a lifetime!

Visit Cappuccino Strip

It’s just a matter of 30m minutes’ drive from the city. Buy your campervan rental Perth and drive towards the Fremantle coast, which is home to many chic cafes, bars and restaurants. The Cappuccino strip showcases the strong influence of Italian culture in the region, and it’s a perfect spot for people wanting to experience the laid-back coffee culture of Western Australia. Some of the city’s best historic sites and microbreweries too are at a walk away from this area.

So, what’s stopping you now? Get your choice of campervan or 4WD and go wild while exploring the real soul of Western Australia – a must-see destination in the wonderland of Australia.