Finest 5: Trailing Mumbai’s Best Tea Houses

Monsoon is almost here and so are those days of flooding, congested driving and electricity shortage. But why see the downside? Envision that feeling you get when settled into a warm cover, with your favourite book, while you’re tasting on your most loved tea. Sheer euphoria, isn’t it? So if the mere thought of this situation could put you to a completely blissful state, then you unquestionably need to trail around these interesting tea houses in Mumbai. Rain and tea, this combination is just heavenly!


While booking the Rajdhani train from Delhi to Mumbai, without a doubt at one point you must have thought about the congested and muddled scenario that you may wind up in amid the downpours in Mumbai, however, once you read about these spots of comfort, each one of those uneasy throbs will simply vanish. Yes, we are discussing about India’s most beloved hot refreshment– tea! So, while in Mumbai, you definitely need to visit these astonishing tea houses to alleviate all the tiredness and the mess that you might have to face while travelling to and around Mumbai. Here are the best 5!


Tea Villa Cafe

tea villa cafe

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Tea Villa Café has 50 of the world’s 100 best teas, sourced from suppliers in Dubai. The Love Tea, a mix of green tea, marigold sprouts and jasmine blooms, is stellar. Another noticeable tea featuring the menu here is the Monkey Chief, which has a captivating story behind it. One of the ten most exclusive and amazing teas made in China, the tea leaves are said to be picked by monkeys from the shrubs. Now this is something tea-lightful!



poush restuarant

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Situated in Andheri, this is one bona fide Kashmiri tea shop in Mumbai, where the finest Kashmiri qahwa is served in the most ideal Kashmiri setting. This interesting Kashmiri tea is made by using tea leaves brought down from Jammu, which are then blended with sugar, a tinge of cinnamon, almonds, and cardamom. What could be more soothing than tasting in the calming, sweet-smelling qahwa, in a Kashmiri setting, while enjoying the pitter patter of the rain outside? Poush, we are coming!


Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House

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Once you are inside the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House, you will be transported to a pretty, colonial bungalow type setting, where one room prompts another. Warmly-lit with rich space, the outlet presents unmistakable tea-related parts in its setting. The Karipatta Delight, a hot tea with a flavor that has an impression of curry leaves, is a must-try item here. To go with it, opt for a Crispy Bread Upma with hand made chutney, and Ragi Masala Dhokla with cooked anise tomatoes.


Tea Center

tea center

The Tea Centre can be located at the Churchgate and is considered as a paradise for tea lovers. It offers everything for the tea connoisseurs, with things like the “Masala Tea” and even a solid tea, which is sold for two or three thousand, per kilo! This is an immaculate spot for the overall public who require a tasteful vibe and a mind boggling cordiality.


Cha Bar

cha bar

Located right outside the Oxford Bookstore at Churchgate, this spot is a high complexity tea spot! The very name lights up the charm of Chai all around! They serve teas like the Purple Rose, Chai Hindustani, and other social courses of action like the Kashmiri Qahwa, the Ladakhi Cha and the Arabic Spice.