Firozabad, your next offbeat getaway

Firozabad, although is popular for its glass industry, but it is also a good place to spend the vacation. It is an offbeat getaway and promises of a fun vacation. Check the Gomti Express 12419 running status and book your train ticket online. Although the city is small, still it has some of the best tourist attractions.

As India tourism is rapidly growing, many new towns, cities, and exotic places are getting added as new getaways. Firozabad, a small city in central India, although is best known for its industrial significance, a new facet of the city is getting popular rapidly – Firozabad as a tourist destination. It is an old city and finds mention in some of the most historical events of Indian history. Akbar sent Firoz Shah to the place, where the city exists today, to take care of the problems of thugs in this region. It is said that based on Firoz Shah, the place derived its name. Today, it’s well-known in the entire world for its exclusive glass works. The market in Firozabad is greatly based on making lovely glass products as well as glass bangles.

firozabad city tour

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The city climate is pretty extreme as it gets hot as 48 degree C in summer and falls -1 degree C in winter. So, it is all on you when to visit the place. However, the ideal time will be post monsoon season and time between mid-February to mid-March.

One can reach the city via all three modes of transportation. Firozabad is well-linked with other cities and states via road transportation like buses and taxis. Nearly all the important cities of India are linked with Agra, which is in turn linked with Firozabad. Both the cities are neighbors to each other with good frequency of taxis and buses running between them. Train is a popular mode to reach the city. Numerous trains connect the city to the rest of India, particularly the Indian cities in Central and Western India. If you prefer traveling in a flight, the nearest airport is in Agra, about 45 km away. 12419 Gomti Express that starts from Lucknow with Delhi as its final destination runs through the city. You can now check out 12419 running status online and even reserve a seat.

Getting around within the city is easy and convenient. Transportation here mainly depends on three wheelers, tongas, and rickshaws.

While you are in the city for tourism purpose, it is ideal to take time and explore the city’s history. The city is distinctively known for the role that it played in the country’s fight for independence. People of Firozabad participated in large masses in different freedom movements, like Namak Satyagrah, Quit India Movement, and Khilafat Movement. For participating in national movements many of the freedom fighters were sent to jail. East India company sentenced Munir Shikohabad, who was a well-known Urdu poet from this city, to Kala Pani in 1857.

Firozabad is the chief centre of producing Glasswares in India since the 15th century. This town makes an enormous selection of glass products each year, but mostly it is best known for bangles. There is an enormous variation in patterns, colours as well as the designs of the bangles and they are highly valued, particularly by the women. There is a place called Suhag Nagar and you have to visit it, as it makes beautiful kadas, kangans, bangles as well as other beautiful things married women. There are approximately 400 businesses in Firozabad which are enrolled for producing different sort of glass products that are exclusive and simply beautiful.