walk along the Marina Beach – Chennai

Whether it is a business trip, a break journey, or a short vacation, people visit Chennai for all different reasons but with a purpose to know more of the city. A walk at the Marina Beach, looking at the people and the recreational activities that remain abuzz each evening at this place would give you some more insights about the city. Read on.

Tamil Nadu is a state that receives maximum number of tourists every year from all over the world. Since it is a state that has thousands of temples, the religious and traditional flavors of different regions can be seen quite popularly. People come here to visit its temples, wildlife national parks, and lush nature. Tamil Nadu also is full of architectural and historical structures and this also adds to the overall tourism to a great extent. Chennai is the most significant city in the state and owing to the ever increasing number of visitors, there are a number of Chennai hotels offering accommodations and hospitality to their guests. Often called the Detroit of India, Chennai is a busy and bustling city of Tamil Nadu. It has been one of the oldest metropolitans of India and considered 31st largest urban area worldwide. Chennai attracts a lot of trade and commerce and hence its position as a financial center is second only to Mumbai in the country.

It is located along the Coromandel Coast and popularly known as Madras. The New York Times lists Chennai among the 52 places to go around the world, which makes it the only South Asian to figure in the list. Even National Geographic has rated Chennai as the 2nd best global city in terms of food. Similarly, Lonely Planet declared Chennai as the 9th best Cosmopolitan in the world. Such accolades show the remarkability of Chennai as a city which has a mix of both modernity and high cultural quotient. Mylapore, the neighborhood town and the place of famous 1st century poet Thiruvalluvar, was once part of the Chennai region long time back. Evidences show human settlement in Chennai dates back to a time as early as that of the stone era.

Chennai is a center for people who fly to different parts of South India. Some passengers just make an overnight stay and take a morning flight. It provides them with some time to relax in the ambience of the city and enrich their experience.  The people of Chennai are a charmer when it comes to talking about the virtues of their hometown. They would tell about everything that they cherish about their heritage and traditions. They would talk about their customs, history, and take pride in it in a pleasant way.

Exploring the city, you would find many shades of small and routine affairs that the people of the city go about. If you walk along the 3-mile long stretch of the Marina Beach, you would see how customs become recreation and a way of life as you would find people playing cricket on the beach. There would be groups indulged in the delight of kite flying. You have never tried flying a kite, discover this joy by asking them to help you learn. Corn roasted on wooden fire are also sold at the place, which tastes great as you take a bite looking at the sun setting slowly across the horizon. The old charm of relaxing in such manners is sufficient even today to stir your vigour and refresh your mood. A tete-a-tete with a fortune teller would give you some thrill for sure. Marina Beach is simply an exclusive Chennai experience.