Dharamshala, a Blend Of Indian And Tibetan Cultures

Dharamshala is an exquisite hill town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. From its hills, the view of the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas is an experience in itself. Situated amidst the blessings of the lush nature of the hills, Dharamshala is a place that seems like a magnificent fusion of Tibetan and Indian cultures. Read on.

Dharamshala is a beautiful hill town in Himachal Pradesh. It is a place of scenic exquisiteness, nature’s grandeur, and rich cultural identity. The town is also a perfect weekend gateway from cities like Delhi. It is a sparsely populated area in contrast to the overly populated cities and towns of India. The town sits at an altitude of about 1500 m and Hindi is the widely spoken language here. Asian Plaza Hotel and Hotel India House are two of the boutique hotels in Dharamshala where you would be offered a more tailor made staying experience that adds luxury to your comfort. Dharamshala is known by its two parts – upper Dharamshala and lower Dharamshala. Upper Dharamshala is more popularly known as Mcleodganj and Lower Dharamshala is more like an extension of the hill stations, about a few kilometers below Mcleodganj, where the local residents have built new houses and the whole part looks elegantly modern in terms of roads and houses. There are hotels in Lower Dharamsala as well.

Why Hill Stations?

In India, hill stations are the ultimate places for an escape from the hustle-bustle of the daily life. Those who live in a city, the urbanisation and the busy lifestyle simply take a toll on their spirits over time. To replenish the lost energy and to revive themselves a little, they need to get into the proximity of the nature. Hill stations are also popular in India as most of the plain regions experience a hot weather during the summers. At some places, it is just too hot to be safely out in the streets. In the last couple of decades the equations of rise and fall of temperature in most parts of India has changed drastically. Nowadays, in a city like Delhi, the mercury usually rises up to 48 degree celsius in the summer. Some parts of the country also face the fatal heat waves. In such times, it becomes necessary and somewhat incumbent to stall the heat by going on a vacation. A holiday period gives you the opportunity to join your family and friends in some memorable recreation and build deeper bonds of affection. It also lets you rejuvenate yourself from the monotony of routine. A tour to some new place is also a way to know your country well and understand the diversity of people and cultures that are united as one. Dharamshala is one of those tourist destinations that stay etched in your memory for all the times to come.

Places to visit in Dharamshala

The number of places to visit in Dharamshala are more than a dozen. Since the town is home to the revered chief monk Dalai Lama, the most prominent tourist attraction here is the Tsuglagkhang complex. It is a Tibetan temple that resembles the Jokhang temple of Lhasa and it houses a museum too. Also, you would find a lot of hotels in Dharamshala that offer a warm stay and food that tastes so home-like. Men-Tsee-Khang is a college, research center, and museum for Tibetan medicine and astrology. The Gothic Church of St. John, Kalachakra temple, Tibetan Children’s village, Namgyal Gompa monastery, Chorten – a stupa temple, Triund, Laka Got, etc. are some of the other attractions at Dharamshala.