Kathgodam – Opening the doors of Uttarakhand to the World

Kathgodam is a beautiful town in the state of Uttarakhand. On the way to Nainital by road from Delhi and also serving as the railway station for Nainital, Kathgodam Is growing to be a spot, loved by tourists and travellers. This article talks about a few places to visit in Kathgodam.

Situated near the tourist hotspot of Nainital is the picturesque town of Kathgodam. It serves as the first introduction to Uttarakhand to to its visitors of the state. There are numerous intriguing spots in and around Kathgodam. It has numerous wonderful consecrated temples and immaculate water bodies, which are without a doubt, endless. During the festive seasons, Kalichaud temple draws in a good handful of devotees and visitors.

It offers a huge immaculate view of the snow-capped crests of the Himalayas and vague cliffs whose impeccable view guarantees great relaxation and pleasure. Kathgodam is normally just a short stop while on your way to Nainital but you can also stop and stay back and explore the place thoroughly and then catch another Kathgodam to Nainital taxi to continue your journey. An excursion to Kathgodam will help you to appreciate an awesome venture from the strenuous city life and the climate of this stunning store of perfect magnificence will amuse you to no limits. Here are a few spots you can visit in Kathgodam.

bheemtal lake

Bhimtal Lake

It is the main point of fascination which is in fact greater than Naini lake. There is a little island in the lake which can be approached by a boat. Along the Lakeshore, one can locate an excellent Bheemeshwar sanctuary with a Dam of 40 meter tallness.

sattal lake

Sat Tal

It is around 7 km from Bhimtal. It is an astonishing lake offers a great ordeal of angling and sculling. It is still unpolluted and pristine and serves as praise for a few fledgling animal varieties and it is an immense social affair of seven lakes Purna Tal, Panna or Garud Tal, Laxman Tal, Nal-Damyanti Tal, Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal, Sita Tal and Ram Tal.

river gaula

River Gaula

The River Gaula, one of the popular attractions of the destination, originates from the Sattal Lake in Uttarakhand and crosses through different places like Haldwani and Shahi. There is a dam constructed over this river, which is known as the Gaula Barrage and is famous as an ideal picnic spot.

To reach Nainital from New Delhi by road, you will have to cross Kathgodam, which explains why with the booming of Nainital’s tourism sector, Kathgodam’s tourism also grew. The presence of railways in Kathgodam also contributed heavily to its tourism as people from anywhere in India and not only New Delhi to arrive there to further go to Nainital by booking a Kathgodam to Nainital taxi.