Jammu: a perfect destination for those seeking fun sojourn vacation

Jammu for long has been known for its strong association with tourism. Being the largest city in the Jammu division of the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir, the city is today the not just the cultural center in the region but is also the commerce powerhouse. The foodgrain mills, form a major part of the industries dwelling in the city. The city has the largest number of shopping malls, public squares, recreational centers, and cinemas etc. in the entire state. Meanwhile, as the infrastructure of the city is rapidly growing, the city well maintains its old customs and traditions.

According to a popular theory the city was founded by Raja Bahu Lochan’s brother, Jambu Lochan around the 14th century BC. A grand fort was constructed on the site and subsequently a city got formed surrounding the fort. The city was named Jambupur, which derives from the name of Jambu Lochan. Laterly the name changed to Jambu Nagar and finally to Jammu. Today, the city also acts the winter capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, as all the administrative offices move from Srinagar towards the city when the winter arrives. Tourism is also one of the major industries in the city. With the introduction of eco-tourism there is a rapid growth in city’s popularity in the tourism domain in India.

Apart from the modern pleasures, there is a rather long list of places to visit in Jammu. It is a beautiful city that is settled on a series of ridges. Nature blooms at its best here. Besides, the city is also a major stoppage for pilgrims and tourist travelling to Vaishno Devi and Kashmir Valley. In addition, the city has the second last railway station, which is also a major raised in the northern region of India. So visually, there is no season when the city gets vacant of visitors. Summer is quite hot here, whereas monsoon brings heavy rainfall. Winters are fun, but it again gets frigidly cold in December and January. So, the best time to visit Jammu is during autumn season.

Flourishing along the banks of Tawi river, the city can be divided into two parts; the old city primarily settled on the right bank of the river, and the new city settled around the right bank of the river. Currently there are four bridges in the river (the fifth is under construction). One can easily take a break and stop for a while in these bridges to relish the panoramic views of the bustling river and the city nestled on both sides of the river. Among the other most recommended places to visit in Jammu include: Ranbireshwar Temple, Amar Mahal, Purani Mandi, Karbala, Amar Mahal, Mubarak Mandi, and Bahu Fort. Among others include the shopping places, restaurants, cinema halls, public squares, fun parks, lavish Jammu hotels, and markets.
Rail is a popular-preferred mode to reach the city. The Jammu Tawi station is a major railway station in northern India. It well connects the city with all major cities in India. Other than that the Jammu Airport is about 7 km from the center of the city. It is well served by flights of all major air carriers. The good thing is that there exists a couple of good hotels near the Jammu airport, which are excellent accommodation options that have the advantages of connectivity and conveniences.