An Introduction to the Joys of Eating Seafood in Hong Kong

As one of the biggest port cities in the world, Hong Kong enjoys the pleasure of being close to the sea and having an abundance supply of fresh seafood. There are hundreds of choices of excellent seafood restaurants here, preparing the fruits of the sea in a variety of delicious ways.

In fact, Hong Kong has its own seafood district, where you will find rows of restaurants with sea creatures on display in aquariums so that you can choose your dinner while it is still swimming.

How Seafood is Prepared

There are many ways that seafood is prepared in Hong Kong, depending on the style of the restaurant and the tastes of the diners. Steamed fish is a very popular choice and the prices will vary depending on the type of fish. This cooking style is very simple, which allows the flavor of the fresh fish to shine through. Steamed fish is often seasoned with dried fruit peel, ginger, mushrooms or shallots.

Fish is also often stir fried – and so is crab. Baked crab is also a common method of preparation in Hong Kong, both with traditional Chinese seasonings or Western influenced garnishes.

What are the Special Types of Seafood in Hong Kong?

A popular dish in Hong Kong is drunken shrimp, which is soaked in alcoholic spirits. Shrimp is also commonly wrapped in other ingredients, such as Chinese noodles, before it is deep fried. Stir fried crab is a classic in Hong Kong – especially sampan style This refers to the excellent crab served on the small boats around the harbor, usually seasoned with chili, garlic and ginger.

The Best Places in Hong Kong to Eat Seafood

Hong Kong is renowned for its excellent seafood restaurants, so where should you go for a great meal?

The most famous of the seafood restaurant districts in Hong Kong is Lei Yue Mun, which used to be a small fishing village with a thriving seafood market. The streets around this area are packed with about 30 different excellent quality seafood restaurants.


You can also check out the new steak house and fish restaurant “Fish & Meat” recently opened in Hong Kong. They source high quality seafood and prepare it in a simple, rustic style to bring out the natural flavors.

Lamma Island is also known for being the location of some of Hong King’s best seafood restaurants. You can reach it via ferry. It offers excellent food and some of the best restaurants will offer their customers free transport to the island in return for spending a minimum amount at the restaurant. The restaurants here are a little bit pricier, but they offer top-notch cuisine and an excellent waterside view.

Another great spot for seafood is Sai Kung, which has numerous small sampans selling freshly caught fish right on the deck. It is a great place for a relaxing seafood lunch on a beautiful sunny afternoon.