Hyderabad – A World Full of Biryani!

Seeing a platter of luscious Biryani can make any foodie, go powerless in the knees, not able to check his allurement to enjoy. With their rich taste and colorful fragrances, Biryani without a doubt is most well known amongst the foodies in India, especially in Hyderabad. After all, the very dish has the power to calm the throbbing nerves or shoo away the depression in a jiffy. Who better than the Biryani lovers would understand this, right? So clench that spoon tight and get ready to blow off all your worries away, for the heavenly Biryani is right here!

biryani chicken

Epicureans from as far as overseas, and as near as Gandipet, swarm in to Hyderabad to savor the famous Hyderabadi Biryani that has taken the world by a storm. You can even see people flowing in by Cuddapah to Hyderabad flights to especially get the taste of the finest Biryani in India. So here’s a list of the finest Biryani corners in Hyderabad for the die-hard rice lovers and foodies who literally swear by this very dish!!

sadab biryani hyderabad

1- Shadab

If you are the one of the individuals who loves to hang out in the by-paths and taste galli ka khana in the old city, then Shadab is the spot for you. The lamb and chicken Biryani here is an absolute must-have similar to the Reshmi, Tangdi, Hara Bhara Chicken kebabs. They additionally serve tasty Haleem, but only amid the holy month of Ramzaan. So get going!

cafe bahar

2- Cafe Bahar

Cafe Bahar of Bashirganj at Hyderabad serves Biryani simply the way local people like it. It is normally stuffed with enthusiasts throughout the day and is the primary Biryani restaurant that has figured out how to ensure the validness of authentic Hyderabadi Biryani till the very date. The Biryani is high on flavor and the meat to rice proportion is exceptionally adjusted. In the event that you are a non vegan, Café Bahar is the ideal spot to eat at. This Irani bistro likewise has a huge assortment of breads, scones and cakes to offer.

paradise biryani hyderabad

3- Paradise

Established in 1953, Paradise is the most established Biryani eateries in Hyderabad and is a prominent food spot amongst the sightseers and local people. Originated in Khairatabad, it has likewise got various grants for the best food court in Hyderabad. On your journey for the best Biryani, you would wind up at the entryway venture of Paradise.

bawarchi hyderabad

4- Bawarchi

There are numerous epicureans who still swear by the Biryani that Bawarchi brings to the table. It is thought to be one of the best Biryani joints in the city of Hyderabad. The Biryani here is spiced right, with perfectly spread the rice and the meat done tender to perfection. They additionally furnish the ideal feel with its open and happy eating area. Here you can also enjoy delectable chicken, vegetable, lamb, and egg biryanis in the casual feasting zone of the eatery or opt for simple takeaways.

hyderabad house

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5- Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House has been viewed as a destination for a fine dining experience. The USP of this eatery is its availability from any part in the twin urban communities. The most well known takeaways at Hyderabad House are the lamb and chicken biryanis and the good thing is that they do a wide range of parts, starting with consistent, vast and family pack for four. The bits are appropriately measured and are plain heaven. If nowhere else, do visit Hyderabad House, for it is one of the finest places to visit in Hyderabad to get the authentic Hyderabadi feel.

Carry on you foodie!