How to Enjoy Your Time at St. Lucia

A summer trip in St. Lucia should be in your travel list if you are looking for an idyllic destination where you can easily enjoy the sun and sand with its fair share of natural beauty and picturesque area. St. Lucia in the Caribbean islands is the perfect destination if you are seeking adventure and fun in the sea. With a rich history and heritage, this island has strokes of Spanish kingdom. With its eye catching and captivating beauty, this area has attracted many tourists from all across the globe. In fact, tourism industry is one of the biggest revenue earners of this place.
Pigeon Island, where Hiking, History and Beautiful Views are abundant: an island with exquisite beauty, this place are currently reduced to a causeway and is national Park which is a must visit for anyone visiting St. Lucia. So even if you are not a sea buff, and love hiking then also this place should figure in your list of must visits. The hiking trail in this park spreads over 40 acres where one will encounter breathtaking and panoramic views of the beaches. One will also be able to check out the ruins of battle rich area. Fort Rodney and Signal Peak are two of the most popular hiking trails.
If you are a nature lover and would love to be one with it, then you can go for wildlife spotting and opt for any one of these: Whale and dolphin watching, seeing leatherback turtles or observing different species of birds. These things will surely rejuvenate you to the core.St. Lucia
Beaches, Water Adventure:
There are many other activities that one can easily enjoy and will love to do. Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking are some of the activities that you can easily undertake so as to enjoy the natural surroundings. Even if you are visiting the place in an off tourist season then also you have many activities that you can easily enjoy and relax with. It is not necessary that you have to go kayaking at St. Lucia to enjoy yourself. You can easily relax on your beach chair and take part in Volleyball, other beach games and water sports.
How to book for your accommodation?
Whenever we are visiting any destination, we need to concentrate on where we would like to stay and so on, isn’t it? There are many hotels and accommodations in St Lucia. You can easily pick and choose as per your budget, duration of stay and other needs and requirements. Most of the hotels offer different types of packages and offers so do not forget to check them out.
Some Tips that will make your trip to St. Lucia a successful one:
• No matter wherever you are planning your trip, always book in advance. There are many early bird offers given by the hotels. And once you have made an advance booking, you can be relaxed and chill as you have a place to relax and enjoy. Moreover, early booking will ensure a hassle free travel.
• As St. Lucia is a beach destination, don’t forget to carry your beach dress and lots of sun block cream.
• Carry your camera with you so that you can easily capture all your memorable moments on film, which you can easily enjoy later on.
• Send postcards to your friends that have pictures of the place.
• For your smooth and comfortable trip you can hire car renting service in St. Lucia.
• If you are of an adventurous bent of mind, then don’t forget to enjoy the different exciting activities out there.
• And finally forget everything and enjoy, have fun and unwind to rejuvenate your soul.

Author Bio
The article has been written keeping in mind on travel tips of St. Lucia which is one of the beautiful Caribbean Island. It is also one of the Windward Island.