Honeymoon in Alleppey – How to make your romantic getaway truly everlasting?

Planning for your honeymoon? Ever thought of a wonderful vacation in South India? How about the wonderful backwaters of Alleppey this time? The placid destination with a rare beauty, the beguiling backwaters and a luxurious stay on a houseboat, Alleppey is a picture perfect destination for your honeymoon.


Often heralded as the “The Venice of the East”, Alleppey is one of the best destinations for couples looking for a quaint place to celebrate their union, spend some great moments together, and enter into a wonderland of their own while on their escape. Enjoy a candlelight dinner, witness the magical beauty of the backwaters, and get blown away by the beauty of this magical destination.

The most romantic things to do in Alleppey on your honeymoon

  1. A refreshing tour to backwater village

Get ready to be swiped off your feet by the mystic beauty of the bewitching backwaters of Alleppey. The never ending stretch of the inland waterways dotted with swaying palms makes the destination truly a wonderland. Enjoy a romantic stay on the houseboat with your beloved, watch the most amazing sunrise together coupled with the chirping birds, and explore the natural beauty of Alleppey with a houseboat stay.


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  1. Visit the Pathiramanal Island

How many times did you dream of a perfect escape with your beloved that too on an island? Well! This dream of yours can finally come true in Alleppey. Visit the Pathiramanal islands situated on the Alleppey backwaters. Easily accessible via boat, a visit to the island will leave you in complete awe during your honeymoon in South India.

  1. Enjoy a walk down the shoreline at Marari Beach

The untouched shore of Mararikulam situated between the backwaters of Cochin and Alleppey is another spot you can consider during your escape with Honeymoon packages for Kerala. Enjoy a relaxed day out beside the azure waters, walk on the white sandy beachside, and enjoy some water sports. Visit the Marari Beach with your beloved, walk hand in hand with your partner, and enjoy a visit to one of the best beaches in Kerala.

  1. Get some tan at the beach

Alleppey beach is one of the best beach destinations perfect for soaking up the sun on your honeymoon. The famous pier on the beachside with 137 years old history is one of the most popular attractions in Kerala. The lighthouse on the beachside is a wonderful spot to click some nice pictures with your partner.

Best time to visit Alleppey

The best time to plan your honeymoon for Alleppey is from November to February during winters, when the weather is mild and pleasant. The average temperature during this period is between 170 Celsius – 320 Celsius, perfect for a stay on the houseboat and a romantic tour on the backwaters.

Impressed? Why not discover this wonderland on your honeymoon and make it truly unforgettable.