Knowing Arab Countries In the summer holidays in Medina


Why know Medina? What is the history of Mecca Medina? Why is Medina famous for religious purpose?


Medina is a modern city in the Hejaz region of the Western Saudi Arabia, and the capital of Al Madina Province. It is the burial place of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is the second holiest city for Islams after Mecca.

Climate Conditions:

Medina is a hot desert country. Summers are very hot at the day time with temperature 40°C (104°)  with night in Medina at summers are 28°C (82°F)  During the months of June and September the climate temperature reaches 45°C (113°)  The winters are milder with temperatures from 12°C (75°F). The rainfalls are very less due to it being a desert. There is rainfall usually in the months of November and May.

History of Medina

Under the historic name of the city in Arabic was Yathrib. It is the historic place of Islams. The Jews also had a number of battels in the Medina. The Assarias also had a history in the Medina with the Islams. The first mosque ever built in history was built in Medina and it was known as the Quba Mosque. The Quba mosque was built by Muhammad.  Abu Sufyan ibn Harb the king of Mecca  in 625 had battle with the emperor Byzantine the battle was fought in Uhud so the battle is known as the battle as Ubud.

Today the city of Medina is a modern city with Muslims and non-Muslims. People of different countries go to work in the Medina for the currency has more value. People of the Arab and non Arab countries like the Asian countries go for employment.

Points of attraction in the Medina

Masjid an-Nabi

Madina Media Museum

Masjid Al-Quiblatain

Quba Mosque

Mount Uhud

Mosque of Badr

Madain Saleh Tombs

Old Bazaar

Al Masjid Al Nawabi:  The Al Masjid Al Nawabi is one of the most significant places for the Islams. It is considered as the second holiest mosque of the Islamic religion. It was built by the prophet itself and has been maintained by the Islams in the Saudi Arabia.

Al Ula : Al Ula is the most attractive tourist place in the Saudi Arabia.This had been a hub of commerce and trade in the ancient times. It is located somewhere between Al Madina and Tabuk the central region of Saudi Arabia.

Dumat al Jundal: The present name of the city means Dumah of the stone. After the name of Dumah who is one of the twelve sons of Ishmael.

Jabal al-Lawz: It is famous for its unique flora and fauna, a bird watchers paradise and a botanist Eden. It is a treat for all in the Saudi Arabia.

Jamarat Bridge: It is a must see not only for Muslims but also for the other religion people. It is a significant place for the tourist place.

Jannat al-Baqi: It is a burial place of the great significant places for the Muslims as it is remains of the relatives and friends of the Muhammad.