Find the right train to travel

India is a vast country with the one of the largest railway networks in the world. There is more than one train to all most all places in India. You may find several trains that pass through the same destination in some cases. It is quite important to find the right train to travel to make your trip trouble free. The modern technology helps you to spot your train easily. When you are searching for the right train, you should take care of the following things.


Time of departure of the train from your railway station: – This is more important as you need enough time to get ready and catch the train. If you are staying quite far from the railway station, early morning trains may not be suitable as you will have to take care of your local conveyance to the station too. Similarly, it is always better to avoid trains reaching your station on odd timings.

Time of arrival of train at your destination: – In real, this is more important when you are travelling to a new place, which you have never visited before. When you reach a new place in odd timings, it will be difficult for you to find out a good hotel to stay or get food.

Arrival time of the train at important railway stations on the way: – When you are going for a long journey, this is important. Usually good foods are available at major stations and the quality of the food will not be good in small stations. You should select a train that arrives at major stations during lunch or dinner time to ensure a high quality food. However, with the arrival of food servers in train such as Travel Khana, this problem has been solved to a greater extent. These companies will serve food at almost all railway stations across India. You can order the food online well before the arrival of your train at a particular station.

The final thing you have to take care is the availability of the tickets. When some trains to any destination will be always crowded due to various factors, some others are not so. Here, you can decide on the train depending on the availability of tickets on the particular day.

There is no doubt that all these exercises were difficult in the earlier days. One had to go personally to a railway station, or booking counter to find out all these details. However, the scenario has changed with the developments in the information technology. Now all the information is available on the official website of Indian Railways and on many other websites. You will get the arrival and departure time of any train at a particular railway station and all other details about all the trains passing through your destination. This will certainly help you to spot the right train without much hard working. Thus, the developments in the technology help in more than a way to ease the travelling worries.

About author: The author has an experience of more than a decade in serving the customers in travel sector. She is quite familiar with all travel needs and always advice the clients to make use of the modern technology. She is presently working with TravelKhana group.