Famous Buzzing Markets That Come Alive at Night

Do you ever imagined the time of the night when most people area sleep, you are suddenly treated to the smell of food floating through the deserted lanes and pleasant yet familiar chaos of voices bargaining. And experiencing through all this you follow the sounds and smells through the dark alleys leading you to a colourful place, illuminated by dazzling bulbs and prettily strung lights. Yes indeed that’s the charm of late night markets, buzzing with life during the time when most things are closed and most people are settled in beds. It’s like being the keeper of delicious, bargain-friendly secret. With that same thought in mind, we are bringing for you some of the best night markets that the world has to offer. 



Image source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/otxaI_vpITU/maxresdefault.jpg

Where: Morocco

The place is perfect for that late night emergencies to shop. Walk through the winding lanes in the markets as the streets are all loaded with food and other things that remain open till the sun rises. The place offers a variety of items that one can buy with amazing handicrafts and dry dates that should not be missed.


temple street hong kong

Image source: http://pobox9.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Temple-Street-Night-Market-Hong-Kong.jpg

Where: Hong Kong

The place offers a variety of goods that can be explored even after late at night. The streets are overloaded with people among them serving the best variety of salted fish along with dried variety which is also popular too. Haggle wile buying the clothes and you can get some excellent deals. With that chaos and noise make sure you take good care of your belongings.


queen victoria market

Image source: http://slowenglish.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/dsc_0630_small.jpg

Where: Melbourne

Popularly known as the Suzuki Night Market, it is one of the renowned places to go at night. The market looks nothing but like a party with the chaotic museum along with some great drinks and really delicious food. Don’t forget to gel with the locals while you’re here, communication is the key to get the complete night market experience.


tekka market

Image source: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/12092576.jpg

Where: Singapore

This colourful market is sound and comforting, fun and quirky at the same time.  The place stays open whole of night with vendors telling some interesting and fascinating stories in the market.  The place is majorly- famous for offering Ayurvedic products, massage oil and natural remedies.  There is lot of food including fish and raw meat along with Jasmine as one of the famous flowers that should be brought by picking up garlands or two to take home with you.


petaling street

Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VESrrnaxt8U/VcxNdIN0zVI/AAAAAAAAyCw/gxb9vqEkKSs/s1600/petaling-street.jpg

Where: Kuala Lumpur

It is a gorgeous market in Malaysia for the people looking for a stylish night market experience.  For buying some truly knock off when you cannot afford to buy designer bags, the market acts as a hidden treasure. Pick up some famous spices sold over the little stalls in the market.  While exploring this night liveliness one should not forget to pick some stylish scarves.


camden lock marketin night

Image source: http://lovethatmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Camden-Lock-At-Night-e1386777118973.jpg

Where: London

The concept of Sunday Flea markets is very common in England, but night markets are really becoming an important part among the community of the area, where one can shop for food, drinks, art and furniture. The place is also famous for organizing really good concerts which you can experience at night.


shilin night market

Image source: http://i.imgur.com/HfI4NEZ.jpg

Where: Taipei

As one of the biggest night markets of Taipei, it is one of the popular markets you can head to, even at late night. The place offers the perfect ambience to pick up some affordable jewelry and clothes from the vendors of the market. Do not forget on trying out dried chicken steak, pearl milk tea and oyster omelettes as the food delicacies, the market offers.