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When you wish to move on to a tour, you will have to confirm the destination first of all, whereby you will have to confirm the choices of your trip and also the staying option too. When you have chosen the destination, then you can engage in booking these two requisites for your trip to stay much comfortable as like you have expected so. Browse some places for you to reach so.

If you a plan to visit  Nalandha for your holiday trip, then definitely it turns out to be a fortunate one for you. It is because a number of tourist attractions present here in this destination. One of the prime attractions is the Nalandha Archaeological Museum, which is present here. It houses a number of wild animals like attires, ornaments, sculptures, manuscripts, statues. Also, it is divided into 4 galleries and most importantly 13500 antiquities are housed in this museum. Around 60 images of various Gods and Goddesses are also displayed here for the tourists to view.lingaraj_temple_bhubaneswar

Another sightseeing attraction where you can pay a visit is the Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall. The attraction here is the style of architecture in which it has been built. It still stands as a standing example of Nalandhas. Also other attraction here is the presence of the very famous writings of Hieun Tsang.

A must visit place located in Nalandha:

You can also pay a visit to this Surya Temple, which turns to be another attraction present here. The highlight of the temple is the presence of 5 feet high idol of Goddess Parvati. In addition to this, also there are a number of idols dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses can be found here. A number of tourists throng at this place during the very important festival like Chath Puja.

Then you can pay a visit to the next tourist attraction present in Nalandha. It is the Stupa of Sariputra, which attracts a number of tourists. It is in a pyramidal shape with a lot of towers in it. It is in the midst of a number of pillared structures around it. The different events of Buddha’s life are displayed in this Stupa.

Never miss to visit this old attraction:

There is also another very important attraction situated here. It is the Nalandha University and it is considered to be the oldest of the universities in this world. Covering an area of 14 hectares, it is built in the style of Kushana Architecture and it is built using the red bricks. The main highlight of the university is the library present. It holds around 9 million volumes and 300 apartments in it. Also a chapel at this university comprises an old Buddha statue turns to be the other attractions here.

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